April 27, 2016

Cleaning out my bookmarks

I have way too many things bookmarked.

Cleaning out those links, here's some things worth sharing.

Let's start with pictures.

I love this shirt and I would wear it often.  I think that's my favorite movie.

This is something that I think about almost every time I leave the house. Not that I would worry about becoming a zombie, but if I'm stuck in the apocalypse, I better be wearing something practical. Is that weird? Like, I have 3 pairs of older sneakers in a tub in the basement because, even though I don't use them anymore, I think that it'd be nice to have extra serviceable shoes around when everything goes south.

Jana posted this the other day. 27 Sweary Office Products and I immediately sent the link to my coworker. I don't know what that says about me.

This article about a woman who writes a response to why she won't upgrade her wedding ring.
I have to say that upgrading wedding rings is a pet peeve of mine. Unless you don't have a ring and get one later or there's some kind of extenuating circumstances, why would you not WANT to keep the ring that symbolized so much from that time in your life? I wouldn't be able to give mine up simply because it's been with me through some very rough times in the last 7 years. It's seen that history with me, and it's a reminder of how far we've come. I kind of think of it as an evolving, living thing that represents everything we've gone through in the last, again, 7 years.
When people upgrade just to upgrade, I want to gag. Hashtag priorities, amIright?

This is a TED Talk from a few years ago, but I saw it a few weeks ago. It's about why dieting doesn't work. If you're struggling, it's worth a listen.

As someone who has a home-sales business and has a regular job (I'll steer away from the word "real" here), I still don't know how I feel about this. I think I bookmarked it because I wanted to agree or disagree but the whole thing is kind of an annoying piece of self-justification (is that a word?) and I don't feel like thinking about it. Thoughts? It's about whether or not MLM businesses and the like are real businesses.

I might have to make this a regular blog feature. I have so many things bookmarked because I, obviously, had plans to share them but never did.


  1. My wedding and engagement ring are very non-ostentatious, some might say plain and boring. But I love them and what they symbolise, and am horrified at the idea of 'upgrading' them. Even typing that made me shudder. Honestly, what is with some people??

  2. I saw the title and honestly thought you just had a lot of actual bookmarks laying around, which made me realize I don't own a one anymore. I just cleaned out my online bookmarks, too. A lot of website coding instructional and photoshop tutorials. I'll admit, I've considered upgrading my diamond. On principal, when we got married, I opted for a fancy insert wedding band just because my MIL insisted that I wear my promise ring as my band (j gave me a simple diamond band for my 18th birthday and promised to replace it with an engagement ring in our future, it was really sweet). It was always my intention to wear it as my band until my MIL made such a stink about it. About a year ago, I retired my wedding set and have just been wearing my promise ring with my engagement ring. Now we have this valuable double banded ring just sitting around. I've considered trading it in for a bigger diamond-but keeping my actual setting. I haven't made up my mind about it all though.

  3. I saw the article on upgrading and I was honestly appalled that that's even a thing now. I mean really? I love my rings and would never even think about "upgrading" them. To me they are perfect!

  4. Haha that shirt is pretty much amazing!

  5. I have no interest in upgrading my engagement or wedding ring. They're perfect the way they are and what they represent, replacing them would mean representing something else if that makes sense. Also, I don't believe the size of a ring is equal to the the amount of love (as in big ring does not mean you're more in love) so there's that, too.

    I love that second shirt.

  6. I love that shirt. I saw another one the other day that had a picture of George Washington on the front and said, "If you got monarchy problems, I feel bad for you son...I got 99 problems but a king ain't one." I'm *thisclose* to buying it.

    Isaiah is always saying he wants to upgrade my wedding ring one of these days, but I honestly won't be upset one little bit if that never happens. I love my ring and it would feel a little strange not having the same diamond on there that he gave me at our actual wedding.

    Regarding MLMs, I think for me it depends on the business. I feel like so many of them sell average products for three times the price and I just am not into feeling ripped off, even in the name of supporting a friend. Ones like you're involved in are a little bit different because skin care tends to be pricy for good stuff anyway, plus you have the testimony to back up your sales. Ones that sell average jewelry, clothes, home decor...I feel like I can get the same exact thing at a normal store for half the price or less.

  7. I work in the world of jewellery, so I'm pretty opinionated about that topic.
    I think the biggest problem that I have with it is the idea of "upgrade". That wording is just all kinds of wrong. The sentiment attached too. Like, what you had to begin with wasn't good enough, so you needed better. I don't mind some who want a change. Or, with me, I'm not as overly sentimental about one singular piece. The ring used in my wedding ceremony gets worn on my left finger, and sometimes on my right. But, it's not even the ring intended for my engagement ring (if that makes any sense). I have a diamond that I inherited, and that diamond is still in our safe. One day, that diamond will be made to make "the" ring, but we haven't done it yet. The one I got married with will always be special and always be used, it just doesn't matter to me (or my husband) what finger its on. But, I'm weird.

  8. I love that shirt!! National Treasure IS one of my favorite movies, for sure! I've actually shown in to my students both last year and this year during PSSAs.


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