March 9, 2016

Proving worth. Or not.

I'd like to think that I possess a certain set of skills that are useful and worthwhile. But, truthfully, the following examples make me feel like I'm not contributing all that much to society these days.

Last week, I noticed the tub faucet was dripping. I turned the knob to make sure it was off and the plastic fell apart in my hand and the water started gushing out and, without a knob, I couldn't turn it off.  I ran to get Scott. He used a pair of pliers (something I never would've thought to do *hangs head in shame*) to turn the water off and then told me how to go to Lowe's and buy a new plastic knob and explained how to put it on (he was leaving undetermined amount of time...the next day). I must've asked too many questions because he said we would just go right then and get it and fix it. And then I insisted I could do it. He said No, because you'll just not use this bathroom for x number of months and then you'll call me crying and say you can't get a shower or something because I know you.

We went to Lowe's, got the thing needed, and he fixed it.

My skills don't often translate to the area of survival/sustainment. More like grammar and useless knowledge.


The other day, one of my students burst into spontaneous shrieking and when I asked what was wrong he said he got pencil lead in his eye.  In his eye. And he was flapping his arms and blinking like someone who'd accidentally put the peroxide contact solution in instead of the regular saline.
So I ushered him toward the office and asked if it was still in there and he said yes and I gagged a little bit. Then I stood there while a secretary dabbed around with a tissue and got it out.
On the way back to the classroom I told him he might not survive if he just had me there to take care of him. He thought that was funny.
I hate eyes, looking at eyes, dealing with my own when my contacts aren't behaving, etc. Like Rachel.

Embarrassingly, I'm now watching The Bachelor. I didn't mean for this to happen. But last Monday, I found myself on the couch for two hours texting comments back and forth with my co-worker. Scout and Jett were not amused.

I hate all my clothes. Like ALL OF THEM. I hate getting dressed in the morning. I even hate my closet. Last week, I finally pulled the trigger on the shopping cart I had at because I'm thinking maybe I just need some new clothes. I average one piece per month and that usually comes from Stitchfix. And I used Rodan+Fields money to buy these new clothes, so it totally doesn't even count....right?

See? It doesn't count. 


  1. It doesn't count. New seasons make me want new clothes.

    I am not Ms. Fix it. I will call and hire someone immediately.

  2. I'm the same way when it comes to things going wrong in the home. It also never fails that things stop working when my husband isn't home so I'm always forced to figure it out on my own, which usually ends with me just putting it off until later-haha

  3. Your grammar and useless knowledge comment is hilarious to me because I actually told a coworker yesterday that I needed to find a job where being good with grammar and above average with trivia were the only requirements. If you find such a thing, please let me know.

  4. The way you feel about eyes is how I feel about teeth. Especially loose teeth. They make me sick.

    I often feel like if we had to rely on my survival skills, we'd be screwed. But we'd be screwed in a grammatically correct manner.

  5. I'm totally utterly clueless when it comes to all things practical. If I had been born in an earlier era I'd definitely have been naturally selected right out of the gene pool. You must be pretty good with eyes if you can do contacts? That's some fairly serious eye confrontation required there (speaking as someone who has recently got contacts).

  6. Eyes don't really bother me...teeth bother me. When we have kids Isaiah is going to be doing all of the loose tooth duties. *shudder*

    I feel like I'm a pretty handy person but I wouldn't have the first clue about fixing a shower, either. Hello, YouTube...

    I will never admit that I never watch the Bachelor every week ever. Let's talk.

  7. lol it totally doesn't count. i hope the new clothes work out.

    my eyes don't bother me, but i don't want to touch anyone elses. i don't think i have any good skills to offer the world or myself. like i said, i'd be the first to die in the hunger games haha. KC on the other hand, can do and fix everything. so as long as he was with me, i could survive.

  8. How you are about eyes? That's me and blood. I get queasy, light-headed, and I've been known to faint at the sight of blood. The other day, I had to get blood drawn. The technician asked me to verify my name and details on the blood vial. I asked "do I have to?"


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