March 28, 2016

Currently (five)

Watching... I finished The Returned and if you get a chance, find it on Netflix.  It has my recommendation. I liked the English version from A&E, though they stopped after one season. It would be wonderful if Hulu or Netflix would pick that one up. I mean, if Hulu could pick up The Mindy Project, anything has a chance, right?

I also watched the first episode of The Catch and it pulled me in enough to want to watch more. Usually shows from the empire of Shonda Rhimes don't have that effect on me.

Reading...ummm, not a whole lot. I've been reading persuasive essays written by 4th graders (so.much.grading) and now my eyes are burning.

Dreading...the fact that I have a class one day a week for 3 hours a night for the next few weeks. #doingitforthestipend

Liking...this picture posted by Dorothy.  So much of the population likes to talk about drinking their coffee black. I belong to the other half. (Can I just say that it's startling to me that Dorothy was one of my very first blog friends and I've *known* her for almost 5 years?)

Wishing...I could fast-forward to fall. Summer is too much work on the prairie. Also wishing that my family would come help. This is not a one-person job. Lately I've been feeling very...something...maybe indifferent? toward people who live next door to their families. What an easy life that would be...

Making...granola and pumpkin muffins.

Appreciating...a snow day here and there. It's a nice excuse to not do anything.

Other than that, it's back to work today. Not sure how I feel about that. I have so many mixed feelings on living this life (an army one) and living the completely different, settled-in reality of being a teacher (there are few jobs more settled than being a teacher). I should probably just stop whining now.



  1. I love that coffee mug. Yummy cream! :) Stupid responsibilities....they definitely ruin everything. Boo!!

  2. Granola and pumpkin muffins sounds good! Adulting is hard and I think we all hate responsibilities lol

  3. Oh trust me, living by family doesn't mean that much help all the time. Sure they expect you to help but when tables are turned, not so much. We will put that to the test in a few weeks ;)

  4. I belong to the creamer club.

    I think it depends on which family you live near...some are helpers, some are not...just like the population in general. LOL

  5. "Another fine day ruined by responsibility." LOL.

    I only like black coffee if it's REALLY good coffee, and coffee is hardly ever "REALLY" good.

    I have thoughts on your living-close-to-family topic that are probably not appropriate to post here.

  6. i'm so used to people drinking coffee with tons of creamer that when people at work say 'just coffee' or 'just black' i bring them creamer anyway. like.. are you sure? haha.
    i agree with steph above about family living close. i think i'd like it for some people, though i wish i could get rid of others.. but whatever. maybe i should make KC join the military again, though.. he's into that settled teacher life, lol. that ecard is the best!

  7. Yay for snow days, that photo is beautiful!


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