January 24, 2016


Somehow, between 4pm and 6pm on Friday night, I ended up with a sore throat. That snowballed into a sinus thing that has lasted all weekend.  Thinking I could overpower it, I went to a spin class on Saturday morning and then to the grocery store. Then I sat on the couch for 9 hours and watched t.v.

I literally did nothing else.  I stared at my stack of papers to grade. I thought about writing blog posts....I watched New Girl for the second or third time instead.

Today, I met a coworker for breakfast (note: I was too sick to do this) and then sat around all day.  I could really use a sub tomorrow but the amount of time and energy it takes to put together plans for a Monday is too much.  I can't do it.  It's so tempting...but I can't.

I stopped at Walgreens to buy some Afrin (because it is the only thing making life bearable at this moment) and I couldn't get the child-proof lid off.  I tried forever on the drive home.  I thought about taking it back to the store.  Finally I went at it with a pair of scissors.  I think the lid was defective.

It looks like an ape opened it and then chewed on it for awhile.  But hey, at least it's open and I didn't slice any fingers off in the process.

"Cheers" to a sick Monday...I'm not sure what's worse: being sick on Monday or the Broncos winning today. A definite toss-up.


  1. I heard that dia put "go Broncos" etc on the tarmac for when patriots fans flew in for the game. We fly in Saturday for our ski trip, I'm kinda hoping it's still there just to have some entertainment.

    Feel better!

  2. hahahaha that lemonade gif is hilarious. i'm sorry your team won, kc was super happy the broncos won lol. i have attacked things before with scissors that i couldn't open on my own. i've not been as lucky in the fingers department, they are all still attached but i have stabbed myself before. i just got over a crappy cold thing so i hope you feel better soon!

  3. Hope you feel better soon! Sorry about the Broncos winning, but I hate the Patriots more. Unfortunately, they both couldn't lose. :-p


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