December 8, 2015

November Books

#67 It Was Me All Along by Andie Mitchell A-
I read this in about 36 hours. I really enjoyed it. It was a memoir by someone my age, growing up in the 90s, and struggling with weight. She'd ultimately become a food blogger, and I have seen her blog before.  It's nice to make that connection, though 29/30 is young to write a memoir. I can see why you'd want to tell your whole story though. It's something I've often gone back and forth on because everyone has a story.
Anyway, the beginning struck me as a bit prosey, and I'm not a prosey writer myself so I had trouble getting into the first chapter.  Then it was easy reading. I, personally, could definitely tell that it was written by a blogger. One of the reviews said it was like one big long blog post. Perhaps, but there's nothing wrong with that.
I never thought I'd be that person, but I really am noticing my preference for non-fiction in 2015.

#68 The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion C+ 
So I'm not the smartest because I picked up The Rosie Effect at the library and then realized it was, indeed, the sequel. So then I went home and downloaded The Rosie Project onto my iPad from my other library and read it.
The Rosie Project was okay. I didn't love it but I didn't hate it. I liked Don's character.  There was some forced reading done in order to get it finished before my ebook loan was up.
I didn't love it enough to read the sequel, ironically enough.  Oh well.  Would make a cute movie.

#69 Life After Life by Kate Atkinson A
This was recommended by this blogger way long ago and it's been on my to-read list for the better part of 2 years.  I could never find it. I decided to just get it from Audible this month because a nice engrossing fiction story is always good for commuting.
It started off slowly for me, but Atkinson has a way with crafting her words, chapters, and storylines.  I really enjoyed it. I mean, it was a REALLY good story and I was always eager to see what would happen next.  If you like historical fiction, this is a good one.  It reminded me a a choose-your-own-adventure story because it kept starting over and ending and ending in a different place.  Very descriptive writing (but not prosey) and I really do recommend it if you like WWI/WWII history. Kind of remind me of parts of Downton.

#70 The Lake House by Kate Morton B-
This kept popping up as a recommendation on Audible and was just released this fall, so I tried it.
This book moved along slowly.  Very slowly.  There were over 10 different plot lines happening at once and, while I normally enjoy stories told from multiple POVs, it wasn't the time-period jumping or the narrator-jumping that bothered me.  THERE WAS TOO MUCH GOING ON.  I didn't care about Sadie. I didn't care about her past. I didn't care about Constance. I didn't care about her past. I didn't even care about Alice that much. I rather liked Eleanor.  The Anthony/Howard WWI storyline was as predictable as predictable gets. I JUST WANTED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO THEO.  The ending was one big eyeroll for me.

#71 The Mistletoe Promise by Richard Paul Evans A-
A student gave me a Richard Paul Evans book for Christmas years ago and I loved it.  I didn't want to like it but I did.  His books are just...good.  And I love a good Christmas read.  I read this one in an hour and enjoyed it very much.  If you're looking for a Christmasy book to spend an evening with, go for it. 


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Do you have a good Christmasy book to recommend?  
Though it will count as part of December's books, I just finished reading The House Without a Christmas Tree by Gail Rock.  I got it out of the book order last month and it's a super quick read, perfect for a 4th or 5th grader.  Written in 1974, it takes place in 1946 and it's just a nice little Christmas story.  I'm reading it to my class now and, while it wasn't initially something I thought they'd love, if I don't expose them to different types of books, WHO WILL?  I edit a few of the swear words out but they'll never know...unless they decide to read it themselves.  I love Christmas books.


  1. I just read The Best Christmas Pageant Ever which is a children's chapter book perfect for Christmas - not sure what grade you teach but it would be a good one :)

  2. I felt like I was the only person who didn't LOVE The Rosie Project, though to be fair I didn't finish it before my library hold was up, but I just had the hardest time getting into it and it was just okay to me too. Though now I'm nervous to read The Lake House, because I usually really don't like when books move too slow. The Mistletoe Promise sounds so good!

  3. I'm noticing lately that I've been preferring non fiction, too.

  4. I loved The Rosie Project but I found The Rosie Effect so insufferable, it was a DNF for me.

    I LOVE nonfiction so if you need some recommendations, let me know!

  5. I never prefer non-fiction. My mom does. I read it sometimes but it's not my first choice.

    I feel like the only person out there who doesn't read Christmassy books, but I did like a Fannie Flagg years ago that was Christmassy. I think it was Redbird Christmas? I didn't like it as much as her other books, but it passed the time fine.

  6. I just started The Lake House the day before yesterday and now I'm a little nervous about it, haha. I don't mind slower books but the "10 plot lines at once" thing has me thinking it might not be my cup of tea...we shall see. Hey, I'm a poet.

  7. I've heard good things about It Was Me All Along, I may have to check it out. :)

  8. i have seen that me all along book because i stumbled across her blog one day, but i'm not normally into non fiction.
    bummer about the rosie project. the lake house looks interesting, i've only read one of her books and it was SO long, i felt like it moved so slowly, so i know i won't like it on audiobook because i need my audiobooks to move a bit faster lol

  9. It Was Me All Along is on my list and I like that it is by a blogger. I am adding The Mistletoe Promise. I read Christmas in Vermont that I really liked, a few cheesy moments but overall really good.

  10. Kate Morton is Australian, so she pops up regularly for book recommendations for me. I've yet to read her, but always intend to. I don't know if your review is convincing me to jump on it! ha.

    If you didn't love The Rosie Project, don't bother picking up The Rosie Effect. It angered me.

  11. Seems like a pretty good book month! :)

  12. I read Life After Life this month too, although, I didn't love it. I love the basic idea but felt like the book was too long and there was too much for me to keep track of.

  13. The Rosie Effect was so bad so if you didn't like Project (I did, but it wasn't LOVE like others) then Effect is a total waste of time!


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