December 22, 2015


+Scott told me he wanted to buy a new Keurig so he could take the old one into his new office. I initially refused because the old Keurig had been with us for 4 years, through 3 states, 3 houses, and 3 deployments. It's like my friend.

+If America's Next Top Model was on Netflix, I would be in major trouble.  I've seen seasons 1-10 more than once.

+I just bought another planner. I love NEW planners more than I love planners themselves.  So I keep it well under $20 when I buy a new one (so many lovely options out there that aren't EC, PP, or EL and thereby don't cost $50), and that way I can get a new one in July and a new one in January.  Which I realize defeats the purpose of a planner. But maybe I'll like this one enough to keep on with it.

+Sometimes I feel awful for Jett.  Scott won't take him snowgoose hunting because he realized that Jett looks like a fox from the air and the snowgeese won't land. Scout has a little goose-colored disguise that he wears, but Scott said all the disguises in the world won't hide a red fox from a flock of snowgeese. So Scott won't take him and then I told Scott he was just being racist toward our ginger dog and poor little Jett can't help it.

If you are offended by pictures of dead birds, don't ever come to my house. They hang from the porch to "cure" all week after a hunt. I feel bad for the UPS guy. 

+Sometimes I think that we, as bloggers, should disclose when we *don't* use affiliate links. Like, put "No affiliate links" at the top of a post, so I don't have to hesitate before I click.  I often hover before I click. Isn't that awful? Especially with all those holiday gift guides.

+In the last two weeks I've watched more than I can count of those Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel.  They are so bad. But so addictive.

Any confessions to share?


  1. I hate how much I love the Hallmark Christmas movies - I just can't stop myself! Sometime I do use affiliate links (and then of course I do write sponsored posts) but most of the time if I'm just talking about something i like, I don't even link it. We know how to Google, lol.

  2. Poor Jett!

    I'm not sure I've ever used an affiliate link. LOL

    1. I take that back, if I've shared stitch fix that has definitely been one. On the whole I don't do it because I don't want three cents from someone clicking.

  3. Poor Jett, that is kindof sad that he gets left out-haha. And I completely agree those Hallmark movies are so stinkin addictive. I'll just turn it to the channel to have background noise while I'm cleaning or something, and it's not 10 minutes later I find myself sitting down to watch it.

  4. Hahaha poor Jett. Although then he gets alone time with you without big brother around so hey I guess it's not all bad.

    I always hover over links, too. It's not that I necessarily mind supporting FRIENDS who use them but just random blogs that I stumble across, I feel no loyalty to use those links, haha.

  5. Oh how I wish I had the hallmark channel normally (rather than streaming it) to watch all those movies, hahaha!

  6. Stupid Hallmark Christmas movies are addictive, yet terrible. I rarely use affiliate links, mostly because I've found I get almost no return on them.

  7. Aww, poor Jett!

    I'm totally addicted to Hallmark's Countdown to Christmas. Best. Thing. Ever.

    And I completely skip posts if I can tell by the title that they're all about affiliate links. I don't mind if someone links to something they really want to share. But I really don't enjoy "this post is sponsored by" posts. I want to read about YOU not what you're writing because someone asked you to.

  8. I need to get cheaper planners because I get bored after awhile too... ah well. I would totally watch weeks worth of ANTM too!

  9. Oh my goodness, help us all if ANTM comes to Netflix. See ya, productivity.

  10. I hope it never becomes necessary to include disclaimers of "I won't be paid if you click this link" because I think the disclaimer responsibility should be solely on the shoulders of those who use affiliate links. Unfortunately you can always trust people to remember their responsibility...

  11. Agreed with the affiliate links! if ANTM comes to netflix I'm in serious trouble.


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