November 9, 2015

Hershey's Kiss Cookies and #TBLgratitudechallenge

Recipe challenge, week forty-two.

These are Hershey's Kiss cookies and I made them last week and ate them all over the course of 10 days. So...
I did not take a new picture because I knew there was a good decent acceptable one in the old post and I highly recommend adding these chocolate and peanut butter cookies to your holiday baking.  I make them for Christmas, but sometimes you just get a hankering for a peanut butter cookie and the warm Hershey's Kiss is the perfect accompaniment. 


Then we have the #TBLgratitudechallenge at The Balanced Life.  If you're on Instagram (or even Facebook now that they've swiped the hashtag), post a picture of something, little or big, that you're grateful for each day in November.  There's no rules and no order and no prompts. I appreciate that.

These are the things I've been grateful for lately...

I took the time to just sit and read this book from cover to cover last weekend.
  It Was Me All Along by Andie Mitchell.

Scott plowed the field before he left, so walking the dogs is easy.  That's Pikes Peak in the background. I admit that I already take this view for granted. 

Our vet is open after 4pm, which means I can get after-work appointments.  This one required an appointment for a disturbingly messed-up toenail. 

I have so much to do all the time and it's very stressful.  But it's also oddly comforting to have such purpose.  I suppose that's why I keep at it with the teaching thing. 

I usually just make Dunkin Donuts K-Cups.  But I ran out on Saturday (so unprepared) and pulled out the bag of Kaladi Brothers that Esther sent me.  It's so much better in the French press than the Keurig but I didn't feel like making a lot.  So I was grateful to have a laid-in supply of coffee.  

**And I don't have a picture, but I'm very grateful that the Steelers won in overtime yesterday and the Broncos lost.  Today is "jersey day" at school.  Since everyone and their 9 year-old is a Broncos fan here, this a perfect day to follow their first loss, right?**


  1. I love love love those cookies.

    I like your dog walking path too!

  2. Mmmm yes, those are on my list of favorite cookies. And today is totally a good day to rub in our win and their loss! ;)

  3. That view! Although, we have a perfect view of the Salem, NJ nuclear power plant so it's a tough call on whose view is better. #definitelynotme

    I love those cookies. I always forget about them. The child wants to make a bunch of cookies this year and these are easy enough.

  4. mmmm those cookies look amazing. i love warm chocolate. that view is gorgeous! oooh, that book has been on my list for ages!

  5. Basically I'm just impressed that it took you 10 whole days to finish off those cookies.

  6. Peanut Butter blossoms are my absolute favorite. I mean, I will go ape shit for PB blossoms.


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