November 20, 2015

Anoraks and Lace

I took this picture in the morning at 6:30am on my way out the door.  You can't really see the lace on the dress, so I lightened it up to make the pattern visible. 

Coat: Target // Dress: Gap (old) // Boots: Madden Girl

I used to wear this dress without leggings, but it shrunk after a wash and now I need to wear leggings. Of course, it was like 40 degrees out so I need to wear leggings on a day such as this anyway.  

Also, this is a $13 haircut from Great Clips.  I like going to Great Clips because when I say Cut 3 inches off, they actually cut 3 inches off. When I went to Veda, the fancy salon, I'd say to cut a few inches off and they'd talk me out of it and I'd pay $40 for a trim.  

What's your limit for a haircut? I've found that the cheaper the haircut, the more I like it. 


  1. You know what...I think I agree with you on the cheaper haircut thing. I rarely ask for anything fancy these days--so why am I going to pay $50? I won't pay more than $50, but I cry the whole time they're running my card. I'm usually unhappy with it anyway. I need another haircut. Maybe I'll go the cheap route this time. Ps--I love your outfit pictures :)

  2. You're hair is looking good! I've gone to my stylist for like 10 years and won't switch. I pay $95 for cut, color, highlights.

    I love that dress. I like the look of lace a lot but when I wear it I feel like I look weird.

  3. Cute dress! I'm fortunate enough to have a cousin who is a stylist and she always does an amazing job and better yet gives me a great family discount :) For just a cut I really can't see paying $40, but that's just me as I am frugal.

  4. The last time I went to an inexpensive place, she cut my hair on a diagonal, hid it by curling my hair, and I wound up having to go to a regular salon to get it fixed. So I lost money on the deal. Now I'll only go to the one person I trust and I really don't care how much it costs. My hair is my only feature I like.

  5. Your hair looks great! I go to a local salon here and they have been amazing. It's a privately owned business and they are the best, they are good about not overcharging.

  6. My cuts are usually a bit more elaborate - like getting a shorter A-line bob cut. I like going to a stylist for the whole treatment. It's much cheaper here in Korea, I'm paying $30 for a wash, cut and dry.

  7. I just started going to an Aveda salon & I'll never go anywhere else! I have super thick and wavy hair so I don't think a lot of hair stylists know how to work with my hair. I hate when I ask for layers, and end up with choppy hair! I pay $40, but I think she gives me a military discount.


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