October 19, 2015

The reality of a weekend.

Friday- I went to get a flu shot.  I'd never had one before because I find it to be an unnecessary means of prevention. My parents get flu shots every year and they always get sick for a day or two from the shot.  I never wanted to deal with that.  Scott is required to get one every year.  He never gets sick from it.  A few years ago, I went to the doctor in Missouri for something and she asked me if I wanted a flu shot and I said no and she went about her charting or whatever and absentmindedly asked what I did for a living and I said I worked at _____ Elementary.  She dropped her pen and said, "That's our germiest school. You need a flu shot".  I refused and didn't get the flu anyway.  However, last spring break, I was sick with what had to have been the flu and it was awful.  I felt like I'd gotten hit by a truck.  Therefore, when my district offered free flu shots this year, I went.  My 23 year-old teammate went with me and, surprise surprise, she'd never had one either.
The upshot (ha ha) was that I had the shot at 11:30am and by 3pm I was sick.  Sweaty, kinda dizzy, throat hurt, nose was stuffed up, etc.  By Saturday morning, the feeling was gone and hopefully this means the shot worked and I won't get sick.

Saturday- We spent a lot of time working on the house. Staining the basement floors, cleaning out the shed, cleaning in general.  Then we went to Target and spent way too much money because I'm more likely to impulse-buy when Scott's around.  I got some flannel and a coat because, hey, fall is actually arriving this week.

I can't find the jacket online, but as soon as pick it up from its perch on the chair and wear it, I'll show the world (because $40 Target anoraks are rare).

We had pho.

We saw The Martian.  I hadn't been to the movies in a very long time.  We just don't go anymore.  We went twice a month in Alaska.  We'd drive 5 minutes to the theater to the latest show, I'd wear my sweatpants, we'd have to automatic-start the car from the theater because it was so cold out, etc. Ah, memories.

Anyway, Scott hadn't heard of The Martian and I thought it looked good.  We really enjoyed it.  I will say that it was more horrifying to me than any scary movie.  I hate space.  I hate the idea of ever being an astronaut, being trapped, or floating off into oblivion.  It is more terrifying than just about anything else.  I will say that I more than appreciated how clean and organized NASA is on those spaceships and camps.  The labels!  I loved it.  And those sweatshirts and whatnot they were wearing.  Looked so comfy.  I think the obscene amount of knowledge those astronauts had was mind-blowing.  Also, I appreciated that this movie focused on the science aspect of things and the intelligence of the human beings involved. It wasn't focusing on families or sadness or tears, etc.  None of that real-life Apollo 13 stuff. I recommend the movie over the book because, even though books are better (I didn't read it), I don't enjoy reading extra-long descriptive passages and I have a feeling The Martian would be full of description.  Also, all the trapped in space talk.  I wouldn't be able to read it.

Sunday-We did some work around the house and then went to a football watching party and I had a pumpkin beer. It was okay.

Then my Polish roots started to show as I made potatoes and sausage for dinner.  Trader Joe's Chicken Tomato-Basil sausages, though.  

I did not make it to the grocery store this weekend, so the next few days will be interesting.  Also, I have a 5K on Tuesday (ha ha ha) and parent conferences on Thursday and Friday.  Prayers appreciated (seriously). Also, Scott leaves for training.  Terrific, right?  Sometimes keeping-it-real posts like this are refreshing.


  1. Hope the flu shot works for you! Angel was always required to get one by the hospital and he hated it because they only work if it just so happens that the few strains of flu in the shot are the strains you happen to be exposed to. I've never had the flu so I guess I live dangerously...there's also no such thing as flu season here, so there's no big campaign for everyone to get shots at a certain type of year. I have so many other more exotic vaccinations though, such fun...
    My real weekend is that I was at church most of the time, starting Friday night, and Angel was working. Saturday night we had pizza with my family and watched the end of season 3 of Castle. Real life is good for me!

  2. I am definitely more likely to buy all the things when J is with me--I'm not exactly sure why that is, but I'm glad I'm not the only one. I also don't get the flu shot. I got the mist when I was in college (I had to go to the doc for something else but they gave me the mist so they could code the appt a certain way and ins. would cover it). I was SO FREAKING SICK it was miserable. Never, ever again.

  3. What a great plaid shirt. i was going to hit up Target for one this weekend, but bought a different shirt from a friend's boutique. Love the red.

    I have NOT read the martian at all, but my sister did when it first came out. She actually wanted to be an astronaut and it scared me to death. I did not want her going into space at all, way too scary.

  4. Can we talk for just a second about how excited I am that Fall is FINALLY making its way here?!
    I also love that shirt!

    I've never gotten the flu shot either. Neither have the kids. David obviously has/does every year but I just can't bring myself to do it. I'm scared of this year though too. It's the kids' first year in a public (well, nonDOD) school and the weather here is definitely different than Georgia's weather.
    I'm glad to hear that it only seemed to knock you down for a few hours though, that's totally better than the actual flu.

    Good grief, I swear everything I leave you a comment, I end up sounding like a rambling fool! I don't know why, but it's like every time I leave you a comment. I think I just have so much to say that it all just comes out like word vomit. Haha.

  5. I've never had a flu shot either and I think I'm keeping it that way for now.

    I'm in the same boat with space. I enjoyed the movie but space is not for me especially if this next mission means you're not returning

  6. I refuse to get the flu shot...Rachel ^^ explained why. It's not worth it.

    I am *still* on the hunt for good flannels. I just need to take a trip to Seattle sometime this winter and shop for them in person. Every single one I've ordered online, I've been super disappointed with, and last time I was at the clothing store downtown they had ONE flannel and I didn't like it.

    Don't bother reading The Martian, not that you were going to anyway. I liked the movie. I HATED the book with a fiery burning passion. HATED. Worst book I've read in a long time.

  7. I've always gotten a flu shot, I've never had an adverse reaction to it, which is a good thing. Here is hoping it works for you!

  8. I stopped getting the flu shot. The two years I got it out of the past 10 are the only two years I got the flu later in the season.

    I am so annoyed that I haven't seen The Martian yet. I also fear space. I am sad that Angi hated the book. I loved it and it was totally NOT my type of book.

  9. i hate getting the flu shot. i swear, sometimes i get sick sometimes i don't. i rarely get the actual flu, thank goodness, so i don't mind.
    so glad you liked the martian! i had no idea you weren't a fan of space though so yeah i definitely don't recommend the book. i'm not a fan of space either but i could ignore it was all space-y most of the time. but omg, when she was running on the treadmill and then when the other guy was like floating along side their ship (probably not a spaceship, right? ahaha) KC and I both had to look at each other instead of the screen. Made my stomach drop!!
    I cannot wait to see the $40 target coat.

  10. So I never had any bad reactions to the flu shot - and then I just stopped getting them, because eh, I don't really get sick. But my niece has Cystic Fibrosis and so now we HAVE to get it...I hope your flu like symptoms means no flu for you this year!

    We saw The Martian last night and I loved it. Jason had read the book, and said for once the movie was better than the book.

  11. This post should be renamed to "All About Food". So hungry now.

  12. I don't get the flu shot either, because of the same reasons... it's like 23% effective (or something thereabouts) and that just isn't good enough odds for me. I haven't had the flu for over 12 years. Fingers crossed anyway ;)

    We also loved The Martian. And nope, still never ever going to space. Interstellar freaked me out, and so did this one. Big fat NOPE.


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