October 28, 2015

Stupidest person I've seen in awhile

Coat: Target (Don't mind my weird hand. It's the only picture I have with the coat zippered.)

I was at Safeway pumping gas on Monday and the lady next to me was sitting in the drivers' seat smoking a cigarette.  Her teenager was pumping gas. She was admonishing him for using his cell phone while he pumped gas.  She was smoking 4 feet from a gas pump and there was a giant tanker loading gas into the ground 20 feet from her car.  She said to the kid "Do you want to blow us all up? There's a sign that says no cell phones." ....to which I almost yelled a reply back.

She also had small children in the backseat which leads me to believe she's one of those people.  The people all teachers hate because those people make such terrible choices on a daily basis that how could they possibly raise a productive little citizen? I glared at her through my sunglasses.  Sunglasses are great for people-watching, aren't they?

Anyway, fall is here and I can wear my boots now.  The boots are 5 years old and I got them at the PX in Alaska.  The dress/tunic is from Express two years ago.  And looking at this picture, I think it's time for another haircut.


  1. oh dear god. I HATE people like that. Too lazy to make any kind of decent choices in life. You look cute, though!

  2. People are ridiculous, just ridiculous. I just cringe sometimes. Love the coat.

  3. People are so ridiculous! Wow!

  4. Not going to lie, I'm excited for more boot weather!!!

  5. That is also the person who would get hurt and then try to sue the gas station. I hate people sometimes.

    I people-watch with or without sunglasses. #sorrynotsorry

  6. I AM SO WITH YOU!! People are so ridiculous. Stuff people do at the gas pump definitely gets me the worst. Ugh now I'm angry haha!

  7. woah. a few weeks ago, we stopped for sodas at a gas station and there was A BABY IN THE CAR NEXT TO US. it was like 90 degrees, it was SCREAMING its head off. the windows were down a bit. we just stood there for a second and then tried to open the door - as we did, the woman came out and yelled at us, admonishing us for trying to get in her car. are you for flipping real?! no. ugh. i feel sorry for that child.

    cute coat :)

  8. Clearly, the cell phone is WAY more dangerous than an object that's ON FIRE......



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