October 10, 2015

State of affairs

Not a cat, but you get the idea.

I want to give a shout-out to Chewy.com.  I bought a toy for the dogs (because all available funds go toward pet food and treats in this house) and Jett had it ripped apart within an hour and there was this fluffy crap all over the floor.  Conveniently, I got an email from Chewy asking for a review the same day. I was pretty honest.  I got an email back from Chewy within a few days saying they were refunding me for the toy that didn't work out.  Then I replied back with a "Thank you!" email and THEY replied back within an hour and it was from a real person.  I was impressed.  If you are in need of pet supplies, Chewy.com is your best bet.  Heavy bags of dog food delivered right to your door? Yes, please.  

So true.  And, the more I think about it, I think Breaking Bad might have been the greatest show ever written.  I want to say this about a few other shows too, but BB was consistent.  We can't say that about all the other shows I've obsessed over (cough, cough Dexter).

This was on Jana's blog and I immediately laughed and sent it to my friend.  

I ordered this purse/tote from Nordstrom, it showed up on Thursday, and I immediately disliked it.  I mean, I didn't hate it but it doesn't suit my needs at the moment.  So back it goes.  When Scott came home and saw it sitting on the table, he's all "What's that?" and I told him it was a bag and he said it was ugly and then I told him I was sending it back because I "tried to go the cheaper route and it didn't work and now I'd have to do the expensive thing I'd been trying to avoid" and he just side-eyed me.  

I'd been chatting about this with my teammate at school the same day (because I asked her where she had gotten her cute leather bag, obviously) and she told me she preferred to spend her disposable income on camping supplies.  

I told this to Scott after he judged my decision above there and he was all, "Hmmm really?  Sounds like a nice girl."

Scott is hunting with the dogs, so I will be grading papers, getting a pedicure, going to Costco, meeting a friend for lunch, organizing the general state of affairs around here, and watching t.v.  No complaints.  At least grading papers makes me feel productive. 

AND I'll be gearing up for tomorrow night's t.v. line-up.  Who watched Homeland last week?  Quinn, per usual, impressed me.  Carrie, as always, made me ache with disappointment.  I don't know why she's so unlikeable. 

I think that's everything I have to tell you.  I think I'll be back Monday with Columbus Day stuff and maybe a recipe by Tuesday.  Cross your fingers. 


  1. I really still miss Breaking Bad, something terrible. I agree with you on that. I also miss Dexter..haha. What a bummer the bag didn't work out!

  2. lol @ the tote story. guys just don't understand sometimes. i'm not a purse girl, but i refuse to go cheap on some things and KC doesn't understand. chewy.com sounds awesome, gotta love good customer service!

  3. I love Chewy. They are awesome service-wise and I just ordered a zillion pounds of food last night for delivery. So pleased I will not be hoofing that inside myself.


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