September 16, 2015

A comparison to Michael Scott

Scott compared me to Michael Scott the other day and this was really weird because Scott doesn't like The Office.  He likes Steve Carrell, hates The Office. Never watched it with me. Didn't glean absolute enjoyment from it the way I did, etc.

Scott went duck hunting last week and, per usual, it was in the middle of nowhere. I wanted to go to Bent's Old Fort and it was near his hunting spot, so I drove down there on Sunday morning with Jett (he had Scout) to meet him.

The night before, Scott had programmed the directions into my Google Maps.  He hadn't just programmed them; he had looked them over and said, "Okay, this is the way you go".

When I set off the next morning, I followed the directions.

I drove for over two hours and finally started getting close.  I turned off where it told me to turn off  (onto Country Road 26) and drove about 500 feet down a dirt road.  All of a sudden I hit field. Field covered in 2 feet of water. If you look at the map, it shows that I'm still on a road and the reservoir Scott was at was right in front of me, on the other side of this water-logged field.  I attempted to turn around but I was clearly stuck.

I called Scott.  He was not happy.  I waited about 10 minutes in the car and left it running because I had a fear that if I turned it off, it wouldn't start again.  I opened the door: water up to the middle of the tires and I have an SUV, so you can imagine how deep the water was. Jett was getting antsy.

It didn't help that I couldn't tell Scott exactly where I was.  I made it VERY clear that I had followed the directions and turned off on County Road 26 like he told me to. But I didn't know the cross street ("street" is a generous term here).  It was a quarter mile back to the road.  Scott told me to stay in the car but I, obviously, don't take direction well.  He had to go get gas before he came out looking for me or we'd both be stranded.  I took my chances.  I put Jett's leash on him and got out of the car.  I sunk down to almost my knees, but I trudged the 20 feet to dry land.  I'm glad I had sneakers and socks on (and coindentially, even gladder that I had an extra pair of socks and sneakers in the car).

I walked to the intersection and texted my friend while I waited.

This was my location and I was sure to text her my coordinates.  Just in case. 

Scott showed up.

He managed to hook up the back of my car to his truck with chains (bought when he got stuck two weeks ago) and told me to get in the car, put it in neutral, and "KEEP YOUR FOOT OFF THE BRAKE".  I did as I was told.  He started pulling and then all of a sudden he's screaming, "PUT YOUR FOOT ON THE BRAKE" and I was very confused because I was just following directions and it turns out if you don't brake, you crash into the car that is towing you out.  I didn't know this.  I did put my foot on the brake just in time but, again, I was just following directions.  I've never been towed out of something before because the last thing I generally do is put myself into these situations.

(You're probably wondering why there's no picture of just how stuck I was. There will never be such photographic evidence posted on the internet.  Scott was too mad to take a picture, I was thinking clearly enough to rationalize not documenting it, and Jett and Scout didn't have a camera (as far as I know)).

Scott's concern was, "What would you have done without me here?"  Well, I really doubt I would be in a situation like this without him (because my weekends aren't usually spent duck hunting in the middle of nowhere), so it's kind of a non-issue.

If I wasn't already thinking "Oh my God, I am Michael Scott", Scott was sure to bring it up. Which, again, was really weird because I don't remember him ever even watching that episode.


  1. OH my freaking gosh. Aside from the fact that you are a better wife than I (who actually JOINED her husband duck hunting), this would happen to me if I did, for some god forsaken reason, join him. Smart thinking not documenting--J would have been just as mad.

  2. Oh my goodness that's just too funny! You're right, though, you would never put yourself in such a crazy position, if it wasn't for him. So he'd better be careful... ;) haha

  3. I would have freaked out. I am not good in situations like this at all. I'm glad it all worked out though! Gah

  4. Haha oh man! You definitely wouldn't have been there without him lol.

  5. This actually makes me laugh because I feel like I have totally been in that situation before...and just like you..."I was just following directions". We had to pull one of our cars too and I forgot to turn the car on to make sure to be able to steer and to not ride the brake. I've been there!

  6. I like your reasoning that there's no way you would have been in that situation if it wasn't for him in the first place, haha. Oh man, that would have been scary! Good thing for cell phones!

  7. Oh my goodness, just glad you are okay! I LOVE that scene from The Office, and now I need to go binge watch tonight ;)


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