July 30, 2015

Stuff and Things 7/30

Stuff, Things, etc.

+Oh dear.  It's the next to last day of July.  I was definitely wishing away the summer because I wanted Scott to come home, but this is a bit overkill.

+I'm spending this week taking a professional development class.  It's my summer break, but those salary scales don't bump themselves.  And earning a living wage is always nice.  Hashtag teacher problems.

+Who is watching True Detective?  I maintain that this is the hardest, most convoluted, difficult to follow show out there.  I am barely putting the pieces together. This Buzzfeed article might help you understand it. 

+Also, I started watching The Newsroom.  I meant to do this a few years ago, but I kept missing episodes.  I was getting desperate for a new show.  This will do just fine.

+I contacted Scentsy because I wanted to order a new bulb and more wax melts but I do not want to find a consultant.  I get that I, myself, am part of a MLM business but I shouldn't have to find a consultant to buy a lightbulb. That's ridiculous. Especially because when I put in my address, NO ONE POPS UP.  Because no one in the middle of nowhere sells Scentsy.  I'm assuming there are thousands of consultants in Colorado Springs, but the principle of it is that when I put in my address like they tell me to do, no one comes up.
I found 2 bulbs at Wal-Mart for less than $3.  It was worth the trip.

This person from Scentsy completely ignored my question of "Why can't I just order a lightbulb without finding a consultant? Please let me order a lightbulb."


+And now that I've talked about ridiculous, unimportant things, I need to edit this post and end on a somber note.  

A popular lifestyle blogger, Leslie Sisti, passed away this week, and the blog world is just heartbroken.  Given the reaction online, I can't imagine what her family and friends are going through. 

Leslie's blog, A Blonde Ambition, was one of the first I found back in 2010 and I've read off and on ever since.  I don't think I ever commented on a post, but I always felt the need to keep up with her because I just liked her.  It was very easy to enjoy her and her blog, and she will be more than missed.

There's a GoFundMe page set up for her daughters (both under 2) and that family sure needs our thoughts and prayers right now. (Read Ryan's post, please, for some eloquent writing.)

If you come across the hashtags #beblessedlovelies #rememberingleslie, that's the blogging community remembering.


  1. How sad about Leslie Sisti. I've never actually read her blog, but the idea that someone's life can just stop... I can't really get my head around it. How awful for her family and friends. Really makes you pause and think, doesn't it?

  2. I never read Leslie's blog regularly. The whole thing is just so sad. You really can't count on the time you think you have.

    When do you go back to school?

    I had to drop True Detective. It was annoying me. I couldn't figure one thing out.

  3. I keep meaning to check out Newsroom. I am a huge Jeff Daniels fan...loved him in The Squid and the Whale.

  4. I have tried to watch True Detective and I just can't get into it, as much as I want to.

  5. I can't believe how fast July has gone! So sad about Leslie Sisti! I hadn't read her blog before hearing about this yesterday, but I feel awful for her family and friends!

  6. I've seen the Leslie tributes float around the past few days, I wish I had a connection with her and her blog as she really does seem like a great person.

    Fingers crossed - I have two interviews, one tomorrow and one monday so we'll see. Hopefully this is leading to more!!

  7. I feel like Christmas is just around the corner. This year has FLOWN.

    Funny you mention The Newsroom - I literally just started watching it last night. One episode in, and I'm intrigued, but not yet hooked.

    I don't know who that blogger is, but I think one of the worst tragedies is when a young mother or father is taken from their spouse and kids. Prayers for that family.

  8. We just started watching the second season of True Detective, we gotten through two episodes and this season seems so much more dark that we can't watch it every night, so we picked up Baller, have you seen it, awesome light hearted show...with my man The Rock :)

  9. That Scentsy person. Ugh. Really?
    I had never heard of Leslie before, I wish I had. She sounds like an amazing person and I can't imagine how her family is feeling right now.

  10. Teacher problems, I feel ya! I'm teacher 9th grade English {the only level I've never taught} so I've been reading the first book this week. Hoping to get like 5 more finished in two weeks. Sounds fun, right? Hope your PD goes well!

  11. That Scentsy email is ridiculous. Kudos to you for finding them elsewhere!!! I never heard of Leslie before, but it makes me really sad to hear about her. Such a shame, and just proof that life is too short and you never know how much time you have. She seemed like a great person and I can't imagine how hard this is on her family.

  12. That Scentsy person needs to go back to school and learn to read again because clearly they misinterpreted your email by reading it wrong!

    What a tragedy about Leslie. At least she is no longer in pain and can be a guardian angel for her girls. So so sad.


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