July 13, 2015

A new blog name and some funny stuff

Kristin's kNook

I always knew a new blog name would be coming.  I just didn’t know when necessarily and I’m notoriously bad at naming things. More importantly, I wanted the name to actually mean something. If you've been around for more than a few weeks, you'll know that this name is certainly meaningful to me.

I’m not sure what to make of my blog most days.  It’s not a married life blog. It’s not a food blog. It’s (certainly) not a fashion blog. It’s just my blog.  So I started looking for words that encompass “me”.  Well, it took awhile. I couldn’t settle on anything.  I tossed some ideas around one day while I was sitting in traffic. I wanted something that was familiar to me, yet didn't label me as a certain type of blogger.

So this will be familiar to you, familiar to me, and I think will allow me to do all the stuff and things I want to with this space. Also, I bought my domain after FIVE years of blogging. So, yay me.

And let's thank Angi because her help is invaluable and I always seem to come up with these crazy ideas on Fridays and she always has everything done for me by Sundays. She's ridiculously good at design and you should ask her to reopen both her Etsy shop and her blog as soon as possible. 

So, onward and upward, yes?

Because it's Monday.

Because I have a class to take this week on "document-based questions, grades 3-6".

Because we are nearing the end of this deployment. I feel weird calling it a deployment.  5 months rotating around Europe does not a deployment make, you know?

Because there have been some funny ones on Pinterest lately.

 Like, I hate him. But still.  I kinda like him.  This is a motto everyone should live by.

If you're falling into the comparison trap, think of this.

Amazon Prime has been my drug of choice lately. 
I'm almost done with Grimm and I don't like the feeling.

With back-to-school season comes the judging of font choices.  

Someone commented on this with "I want to know who pulled off that lie with a straight face".  
I can't stop laughing. 

 All pins can be found on my Pinterest board


  1. Ok I hate Kanye too but that made me laugh. And it has a certain truth to it. LOL

    I love the new name and the new look! I was looking at my sidebar and thinking I need to see if Angi would update it for me. I'm not sure what I want to do yet exactly but I'm thinking about it.

  2. I like your new site name - it's cute! The one about the wifi router made me laugh.

  3. Yay for your new name and new look! You're smart to go that direction. I started as a fashion blog with the intent to include a little bit of everything but recently I just haven't felt that into fashion. This name allows you to go any direction you want on any given day. And since it's YOUR space, that's exactly what it should be!

  4. I'm not sure what to make of my blog most days, either. But I like the rebrand! I'm also laughing grimly at the wifi one because I'm so reliant on wifi it's not even funny. I know I shouldn't be but have absolutely no inclination to change!

  5. Hahahaha...accidentally joined a Mexican gang. That's amazing.

  6. Congrats on the new name! I think we should all treat ourselves like Kanye treats himself lol! Have a great week!

  7. hahaha i hate kanye but that made me laugh. i also love the wifi one, so true. and the circus monkeys comparison ecard.. also, very true.
    love the new blog name!

  8. Very nice! I like the new name. It suits you so well. Do you have something against Comic Sans? It's just the BEST though! *end sarcasm*

  9. That "episodes" funny is SO TRUE!!! Yay on the new blog, friend! I love it!

  10. I like the new name!

    And the Netflix pic. That feeling when you reach the end of a series...ugh. Awful!

  11. I love the new name! It's totally you! My favorite part about the font picture is that the teacher will set the paper on fire! It's something I would say! LOL I was laughing just typing about it! Last year was my first year teaching Language Arts in 6th grade, and I wasn't a stickler about font. This year, we have a brand new schedule. I will be teaching 3 80 minute ELA blocks. So I get to do reading and LA in one. I plan to be more particular about fonts and size this year! :)

  12. What a perfect blog name for you!! Also, that Mexican gang funny and the chalkboard Kanye ones are awesome!!


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