June 23, 2015

Pinned. Did. Done. 6/23

I'm reserving the right to adopt a summer posting schedule because why not? There will still be a recipe every week, but it'll be posted...whenever.  I was actually too busy reading this weekend to write any blog posts, and I suppose that isn't a terrible problem to have.  

Well, I suppose these posts will be happening every 6 months now.

If you want to see past Pinterest posts, click on "Pinned It/Did It" on the sidebar cloud.

I go to that cloud when I'm looking for things on my own blog.  It's different from THE cloud, but it's a cloud nonetheless.

+Curried Chickpeas.  I wanted to like this but I didn't.  It was kind of sour.

+Perfect vegan pancakes.  I'm don't eat vegan and don't proclaim to want to try.  In fact, I un-veganed these.  I saw the recipe on a blog and thought it seemed simple enough, and I made them in my cast iron skillet, as pancakes do not cook well in our stainless steel pans.  They were AMAZING.  In fact, I can see myself easily making a batch every weekend so I can eat them for breakfast all week.  I used coconut milk for the non-dairy milk (you could use regular milk) and then one egg in place of the flax/water combination.

+Pumpkin PB Dog Treats.  One day I was on the way back from the store when I realized I'd forgotten to buy t-r-e-a-t-s.  I wasn't driving back and we were almost out, so I pulled up this recipe and put all that leftover pumpkin in the freezer to use.  This makes a ton, depending how small you cut them.  I used a pizza cutter to slice the dough into Cheeze-it-style squares.  The dogs love these treats and go nuts for them.  I'll keep making them.  A batch makes a giant Ziploc bagful and lasts about 3 weeks around here. Just store them in the fridge.

+Microwave Hummus.  I don't have much luck with homemade hummus.  I just don't like it I guess.  This wasn't overly impressive to me.  It's a shame.  I'd like to be able to enjoy homemade hummus the way I enjoy the preservative-laden store-bought kind.  Do you have any hummus secrets?  I'm working on a recipe for next week.

+Quinoa Enchilada Casserole.  Very tasty.  I think you should try this for a quick, healthy dinner. As long as you have quinoa on hand, it's a cheap meal.  You could add meat to bulk it up too.

+Quinoa Pizza Bites.  I made a recipe a few years ago and it was surprisingly good.  I thought, for some reason, that this was that recipe.  It was not.  This recipe wasn't very good.  Scott liked it, more or less, but he hadn't had the first one.  This was dry and flavorless.  Make this quinoa pizza-bite recipe instead.

I haven't been plowing through my Pinterest boards the way I used to, but I do intend on getting back on track soon.  I'm "freezer-cooking" these days, because I intend to fill up the deep-freeze with soups, crockpot meals, and sauces this summer.  It'd be really nice to go into August (and school) with food that's ready-to-eat.


  1. I love that you actually make what you pin. Most of the time I don't. I'd love to see a post on your freezer meals. I don't know why I think it's so complicated-but the whole concept seems overwhelming to me (though genius). I'd love to have some meals ready to go in the freezer (for both work AND at home).

  2. I am intrigued by curried cupcakes, not sure how I would feel about them.

  3. I pinned the enchilada casserole. I have enchilada sauce in the freezer I need to get rid of.

    I'm down to zero freezer meals. I tend to do more the protein/veg dinner in the summer, so I don't rely on them much during this time of year.

  4. I have never in my life heard of microwaving hummus. But really the part that got me was...HALF A CUP of tahini!? It's such an overpowering flavor that unless you're just in love with tahini, that's way too much. The rest of the ingredients are pretty standard but...jeez that's a lot of tahini. Sorry, can't get over it. Try this recipe instead, I love this blog for traditional Greek food (and the author is actually Greek):


  5. I need to try that dog treat recipe and switch things up for my little furballs! They would love it. I made a similar quinoa enchilada casserole last week and loved it, very tasty. I wasn't a fan of quinoa pizza bites.

  6. The quinoa enchilada casserole is absolutely amazing. It's made it onto the regular meal plan rotation in my house, that's how good it is! And so easy. I'd also like to know what freezer meals you do - I need to do a batch cook before I go away for a bit and seem to get stuck in the old lasagne/shepherds pie/anything with minced beef rut. Any suggestions?

  7. Hi friend. This is a test comment. Am I still showing up as no-reply?

  8. That quinoa recipes really interest me! I'm going to need to try those out.

  9. okay, thanks for the honesty! sometimes you see these recipes and you're like....ooooo, that looks so pretty and amazing...but then you know....barf!! I'm going to pass the dog treats on to my mom though. Thanks girl


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