April 23, 2015

Hair stuff (Stuff and Things 4/23)

I got my hair cut in February of 2014 in Missouri.  Then again in October of 2014 in Colorado.  Then again in January 2015.  Then, I swore that I was going to get like 4-5 inches chopped off as soon as Scott deployed because I immediately regretted not getting more cut off in January.  Plus, Scott likes my long hair.  Now, Scott actually shaves his head, so he can't really make a case about hair. Plus, I know he doesn't really care.  But my grand plan was to get a bunch chopped off, enjoy the ease of shorter hair care (shorter drying time, etc) while he was gone and then it'd be longer when he got back.  Again, not that he REALLY cares.  But I try to be all considerate and everything because all I ever wear are gym shorts or sweatpants and spend all my time reading stuff online and sometimes I feel like I duped him when it comes to the getting dressed up and going out often thing (Sometimes "going out" means putting on a clean sweatshirt, you know?)

Then we had a snowstorm every weekend for like 3 weeks in February/March so I never made it to the salon.  Then I started thinking...I like long hair in the summer.  Because my hair has a natural wave, it's more pronounced the longer it is.  And if it's wavy, I can slap some pomade in when it's wet and just go on an 85 degree day and I don't even have to glance in the direction of the blow dryer.  So I want it to be long for summer for this reason and it's almost summer.  Then I had this quirky thought that I want to get my hair cut before I turn 30 so I can prove to myself that I don't always need to have long hair as some sort of youthful cushion (my hair has been longer at 26 through 29 than it ever was when I was 19 or 20) and then I can let it grow again and all will be well and I will have proven to myself that I don't NEED long hair.

This is why I thought about putting off a haircut for the next 6 months.

Also, I bought this sticky stuff to put on tree trunks to trap moths and I was spreading it on our trees last week and I got some in my hair.

The next day on Skype, me with wet hair:

Scott: Why did you wash your hair if you're going to the gym?
Me: I wasn't going to but I got Tanglefoot in it and figured I'd better get it out before it destroys my hair.
Scott:....are you serious?

So there was almost an emergency trip to the salon anyway.  Or at least Fantastic Sam's to repair damage.  Don't worry.  It all came out.

Then, last week,  I got annoyed by the perceived scraggliness.  Doesn't it always happen that as soon as you start thinking about a haircut, you notice how badly you NEED a haircut?  That was me all last week.

This is shorter...and kinda flat. I'm not sure if I like the way they blow dry it straight.

So I got a haircut.  I pretty much just said, "What should I do with it?" because I have a specific person that I go to at a real salon now.  At the end, my hair looked FABULOUS (Thanks April!), but she said I seemed disappointed.  I wasn't disappointed in my hair, I was disappointed in myself for being such a chicken.  Though, I was waffling over the idea of cutting off 4 inches instead of 2 and she persuaded me to keep it longer (You're welcome, Scott).

Also, the whole salon thing: I didn't plan it that way.  I was given $200 in Veda salon gift cards last fall, so I started going there and...now I can't stop.  There might have been at least one massage mixed in with the 3 haircuts I've gotten there...


  1. I have been such a chicken lately, too. I really want to chop off my hair but then at the same time longer hair is easier for me in the summer, too. I have a wave to my hair also and it just works for me. Decisions decisions. I like your hair!

  2. I like it!

    My hair has remained long because my BFF and hair dresser both advised me to keep it like that. I'm way overdue for a chop. Soon?

    I will always pay salon prices. It's one of my "worth it" things.

  3. Its cute! I'm needing a trim badly and every time Keith hears that he reminds me that I look better in longer hair. As long as I don't pull a Britney Spears, he's ok!

  4. you do not look impressed in that picture lol. i used to love long hair but mine is just so limp and flat that it's not cute, and it's so much easier to manage when it's shorter. it's not even that short, maybe about the length of yours in the photo or a little shorter. i'm jealous of your natural wave :)

  5. Cute!! I get nervous about my hair and going to someone, but I certainly can't do it myself either. I tend to keep my longer...never above the shoulders. Sometimes I get a little daring with my color and will go darker or with more highlights that I am used to. I figure, it is just hair...eventually it will grow back!! (hopefully)

  6. I hate getting haircuts--but I usually like short hair, which explains my regular bouncing from chin length to shoulder length and back again. I think a non dramatic haircut would be such a let-down, I like to see a big change. But I had clients in the salon come in and ask for a 1/8 of an inch trim.


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