March 5, 2015

Stuff and Things 3/5

+At least it's March. Right?

+Again, I started a post, finished it, re-read it, didn't like it, and I started again.  This is getting to be a problem.

+Monday was particularly stressful for some reason.  I had made Jett a vet appointment because he has two little bumps near his eye that just popped up last week.  I have no idea what/why other than the fact that he suffered from clogged tear ducts when he was really young and maybe it was related.  In order for me to get him to the vet by 4:30, I had to leave school early.  I had to find someone to cover my class for 15 minutes, fill out paperwork saying I was surrendering 15 minutes of personal time, and find someone to cover my crosswalk duty.  Then I had to drive home, pick up the dogs (can't leave Scout behind), drive to the vet, deal with that, stop for gas, not feel motivated enough to stop for the spinach and bananas I wanted, and then run the dogs around on the four-wheeler once at home because they need exercise everyday.  By 6pm, I was on the couch with Weeds reruns and a quesadilla.  I don't know why things always seem/appear to be harder than they are.

+Speaking of the vet, I'm still not sure how I feel about Fountain Creek Vet.  I don't like the lady we saw Monday and I always feel like they have sucker-punched me and stolen my credit card on my way out the door.  She didn't think the bumps around his eye were a huge deal.  Just said to watch them.  (I actually get the same kind of things on my eyelids every once in awhile...I was just worried about infection.)
But then she starts talking about how "does he run okay?" like there's something wrong with him.  She said we should x-ray his hips within the next year; because one happened to crack when she was manipulating his legs. I mean, he's gangly and kind of uncoordinated, but I don't think he's in pain, you know?  As for the running, we've clocked him with the four-wheeler.  He runs over 20 mph.
This is also the same lady who sold me an antibiotic and a probiotic for Scout last summer "just in case".  Both of which I never gave him because we didn't want him to become dependent on medicine and his digestive issues cleared up just fine. Everyone here swears by Fountain Creek Vet but I just don't know how I feel...The reason we've kept going there (after this post) is because Scott figures it's not worth it to switch again and all of our neighbors had nothing but good things to say about the place.  Really, I can't find one negative review anywhere.
Anyway, we've had 3 vets in the last two years and my favorite was Best Friends Animal Hospital in Missouri.

+Here's a few snippets of what I get to listen to everyday...

After hearing "I'mma Be" by the Black Eyed Peas at an assembly:  "Mrs. Darhower, is this song called Bumblebee?"

10 year old kid:  "Were you alive when Elvis died?"
Me:  No.
10 year old kid: "What about Michael Jackson?"
Me: Yes.
10 year old kid: How old are you?
Me: 29.
10 year old kid: Hey, so's my dad!

After being instructed by another teacher to do so, we wrote thank-you notes to a guest speaker...
Kid: So are these like actually going to him?
Me: What do you mean?
Kid: Well, you know, teachers say they're delivering them and then they never give them to the person, so it's like why are we even doing this?
Me: I'm assuming she'll give them to him.
Kid: Okay. Just checking.  (but he's making a JLaw face)

They're always so skeptical of my motives.

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  1. Ha! Ten year olds are funny!
    I'm sorry about the vet though!

  2. LOL at the kids comments! Ugh the vet! It can be so hard to find a really good one you're comfortable with!

  3. Hahaha gotta love 10 years olds.

  4. OMG please do more of these "what kids say" posts! I love it! I had a similar conversation about age yesterday after I'd fixed dinner for the kids and we were sitting at the table. The "hey, so's my dad" thing would have made my insides die a little. Life. Ugh.

  5. I hate the "just in case" vet stuff. They get you because I mean clearly we want to give the best care to our pets.

  6. Your students are hysterical.

    I love our vet and refuse to switch to one closer to home. Finding a good one is so difficult and the "just in case" stuff is frustrating and expensive. That's one reason I love ours so much. If he suggests something, there's a reason for it beyond taking our money.

  7. Vets can be so frustrating. We're really lucky with our vet, he pretty much only does it because he likes animals and apparently doesn't care too much about making lots of money (his wife is also a vet and also $$$$$$ so I don't go to her). He charged me $30 to de-claw my cat a few years ago, and when the cat got an abscess on one of the incision sites, the vet gave him an antibiotic shot for free. Another time, Duma was having some digestive issues, I took him in, the vet gave me advice on a different food and didn't charge me a cent...and the problem was fixed. Maybe you should start bringing the dogs here for their visits. ;)

    "Hey, so's my dad!" Yikes.

  8. Oh my gosh, your kids' comments are too funny! It's insane {and sad} how young people have kids. Hope Jett's ok!

  9. See Missouri did have a good thing or two! ;)

  10. That comment from the 10 year old.... oh man.


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