March 19, 2015

Stuff and Things 3/19

+Spring break starts tomorrow at 3:30pm.  Not soon enough.

+I initially gave up Starbucks and ice cream for Lent.  But I cashed in all our change and got myself a nice little $96 Starbucks gift card from Coinstar.  Then it started burning a hole in my wallet.  Then it was Tuesday and I realized I was not going to make it through these last few days before spring break without an iced Americano or two.  So, I'm a weak person.  It was a valiant effort.

+If anyone has a great, go-to iced coffee recipe, please share.  I've tried the Pioneer Woman's recipe and it's okay, but is pretty labor intensive.  I just wonder if there's anything better out there.

+I barely feel qualified to write this post today because I'm 3+ episodes behind on The Walking Dead.  I'm all caught up on Better Call Saul! though.

+A Facebook "friend" was lamenting about how she now needs to get rid of her 5 month old puppy because she has a 6 week old baby and it's all just too much to take care of.  Never mind the fact that I don't understand how a functioning adult would bring home a brand-new puppy when she's 6 months pregnant.  This situation truly makes me want to throw up.  (Have I ever made someone want to throw up? She makes me want to throw up.) And the commenters telling her to get rid of the dog make me want to throw up too.  Oh, he chews things?  Imagine that.  He's a puppy.  I also find it interesting that a functioning adult believes puppies behave without being trained.
I could go on and on here, and I'm perfectly willing to make enemies over this, but it's actually making me sick, so I'm going to stop here.  The idea of kicking one of our puppies out makes me ill.

+I saw this on a blog last week.  Such truth.

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  1. Yay Spring Break!! What are you going to do? Ours doesn't start until good Friday and at the moment, feels like it will never get here!!!

  2. BABY FREE TO GOOD HOME: got a puppy and now the baby is too much to handle. I AM RIGHT THERE WITH YOU! This makes me seriously want to vomit. It's one of the many reasons I am no longer on facebook. People make idiotic choices then have the balls to post about them on the internet. It doesn't do anything BUT MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE AN ASSHAT! I went on about this once and J proceeded to post the opening line of this comment on his status. It's so true though. These people who expect everything to just be easy actually make me sick. I could go on but my blood is now boiling. Sigh.

  3. I knew a couple who got a puppy when their baby was six months. The dog lasted two days in their house because "it was too much work with a baby." The puppy also was rough with their baby. I could not believe it. Dogs take work. I have a four year old dog and a seven month baby. I spent a lot of time getting my dog used to babies and children before I had my baby. Getting rid of a member of my family was not an option.

  4. I know someone doing the same thing with their dog now that they have a baby. I am ENRAGED. That's actually how we got Geege - he barks a lot and it was too much for someone who worked at home and had a baby. One of my best friends had a baby last year and has worked DAMN hard to make sure everyone is adjusted, used to each other, and getting the attention they need. People are lazy.

    I say banner effort on the Starbucks. You needed it this week.

  5. Ugh that story about the dog and baby annoys me too! I wish I could give up FB because of all the stupidity posted on it but I can't - it just makes for more fun blog posts ;)

    Enjoy your break - do some fun stuff!

  6. I love the gift cards from coinstar!! Much better than paying their fee.

  7. That introvert heart diagram properly made me laugh because it summarises me so well! Railroad of cancelled plans. Ha. Haha. Anyway, I'm glad it cheered me up so much after the story about the dog - how stupid are people?! Seriously.

  8. I hate that person. A lot. You don't do that. We got Dobie a month before we found out I was pregnant and guess who's still around? The child AND the dog. Sometimes I even like the dog more.

    I live that heart map. So true.

  9. That diagram is perfect! My iced coffee recipe is SUPER simple. I brew coffee like normal add sugar to my taste and then let it cool in the fridge/freezer. When it's cold I add ice and a little bit of cream (again to taste) and drink away. Of course the biggest downfall is that it takes planning ahead. In the summer I usually keep a small supply on hand. I'd love to have a way to instantly gratify the iced coffee craving but I haven't figured it out yet.

  10. oh my goodness. i understand possibly considering getting rid of an animal because your kid has allergies, not that i personally could ever do that, but that person... omg. and the commenters... seriously? disgusting.
    that introvert map though - the animal pals haha. love it.

  11. I still have 8 days of school before I am out for spring break! April 1 is my last day.

    And what a moron she is for bringing home a puppy while she was pregnant. It is time consuming to train a dog!

  12. Spring break is the same time here too! I'm pretty excited! Owen will still go to preschool on his 3 days, so it'll be nice to have 3 3 hour block with just Fin & Maddie! :)
    I'm thinking there will be lots of doughnuts for breakfast & library trips toddlerless!

    Happy Spring break!

  13. A few weeks ago I was needing to drink decaf coffee for a few days and they don't brew it at our in-Target Starbucks. The lady suggested an Americano. OMG I'm HOOKED. There goes my cheap "I only order plain coffee!" Starbucks attitude. :)


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