December 4, 2014

Stuff and Things 12/4

Well, here we are.  Another post in real time because this has been a terribly hectic, no good, very bad week.  Thus far.

I don't have a lot to say because things are congested and confusing with school, work, dogs, remodeling, vehicle woes.  I'm tired.

The Toyota dealership is going to get a rant-filled post, but that might not happen until this weekend.  Let's just say that the least of this ordeal with Larry H. Miller Toyota of Colorado Springs was Scott telling the customer service rep "…and how am I supposed to trust the opinion of some guy [one of the mechanics] who has his pants around his ankles [like a homeboy]?"

But Stuff and Things must go on so I'll just ask what you thought of The Walking Dead on Sunday.  I liked it.  I was glad there was at least some action and I'm glad Rick is back to being tough-guy Rick and Daryl is being the hero we all know and love.

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  1. Compared to some of the slower episodes in past seasons I felt like this whole season was much more interesting. On Sunday I was expecting much more of a shoot out and someone dying style episode, rather than just the one but I think it was well done. The very end when they left the hospital and saw maggie & the rest was pretty heartbreaking. As if we have to wait until February for the rest.
    Happy Thursday!

  2. Girl. The Walking Dead was caaaaaaaaaaarazzy. But sadly, I knew Beth was going to die. I just knew it.

    Is it bad to say that I wanted them to kill off Judith first? Yes? No????


  3. I hate that things are so ugh right now. Here for you friend <3 (and you know I don't watch TWD so I have no thoughts on that haha).

  4. Car stuff is seriously the most disheartening thing. It's always ALWAYS expensive, and I also hate having to trust someone else's representation because I know nothing about anything mechanical. I've seriously contemplated buying a mechanics for dummies book so that I won't be so completely ignorant about things relating to my vehicle. :)

    Hang in there... the week's almost over!

  5. I have been slacking on The Walking Dead!!! I need to get caught back up.

  6. Car trouble is SUCH a pain in the ass. We had both our vehicles trading spots in the mechanic's garage over the last few weeks, and they BOTH need some more work. So frustrating.

    Still always a year behind on TWD but I'm so glad to hear that badass Rick is back. This last season (the most recent one on Netflix) irritated me. He was such a whiny baby.

  7. RAGE. Customer service issues combined with car issues...NO.

  8. I'm not a Walking Dead person, so no help there. I do hope that things start to look up. It's absolutely the worst when lots of things go wrong and you feel totally overwhelmed. How many days until Christmas break?!?!


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