December 30, 2014

Pinned. Did. Done. 12/30

Sometimes, when I start feeling bad about myself, I go to my Food to Make board on Pinterest and just start plowing through it.  It makes me feel accomplished if I happen to be feeling unaccomplished.  Here's what I've been up to lately…

+Cauliflower Pizza Crust.  Scott requested this for his birthday.  A friend's wife "has a recipe" and it was "delicious".  I scoured the internet and tried the recipe that made the most sense to me.  It was ridiculously time-consuming.  Scott loved it.  I tasted nothing but cauliflower.  But really, Scott loved it and recommends it.  I think I ate a quesadilla.

+Chocolate Coconut Chia Pudding.  We have a giant bag of chia seeds and I thought, "Hey, this looks like something I could do with those".  No.  One bite and that was it for me.  Scott wouldn't eat it either, and he's not picky.  There was no flavor but dark, dark chocolate.  I suppose it's worth noting that I used a squirt of honey instead of stevia because I don't believe in little packets of sweet, powdered substances.  Also, I used coconut milk in place of the water/almond milk.  But I would think that would've given it more flavor?

+Vegan Coconut Oil Muffins.  I remember trying these months ago and don't recall much about them.  I do remember thinking they weren't spectacular.  Also, they stuck to the pan.  I think vegan baking can be overrated.  I mean, sometimes we need eggs for things.  Or at least an egg substitute.

+Yellow Layer Cake.  This was tasty.  I liked the use of cake flour.  Gave it that bakery texture.

+Chicken Avocado Soup.  I made this on a weekend we were both sick and it was good.  I added extra lime.  It didn't have a ton of flavor.

+How to hard boil eggs perfectly.  This didn't work for me.  I'll never learn how to hard boil eggs.

+Quinoa Pizza Pie.  This was SO good.  I mean, SO GOOD.  Flavorful, filling, healthy, and cheap to make.  I used leftover quinoa I'd cook days before in chicken broth, so I just stirred in some pizza sauce and tomato paste as I was mixing it all together.  I will definitely be making it again.  We thought it tasted like lasagna.  You could definitely add ground beef to it.

Let's end on that tasty note. 


  1. Chicken soups aren't always super flavorful. I like chicken soup but I haven't found a recipe that I love. I like the idea of adding in more lime, though.

  2. Cake flour really is amazing, I never thought it could make such a difference in baking.

  3. I pinned the quinoa pizza, I'll try it for lunch soon.

    I used a recipe for cauliflower crust that I really like, but it was a PITA to make.

  4. I pinned the quinoa pizza pie...I've never cooked with quinoa before and that looks SO tasty!

  5. I thought I was the only one who couldn't make a hard boiled egg

  6. If you ever want to throw in an "egg", it's super easy. 1 T chia seeds, 3 T water for one egg. Mix it, let it sit a few minutes to gel up, throw it in and you're good to go. I think a lot of vegan recipes can be hit or miss but once you start making a lot of them (cough) you can start to tell which ones will probably work and which ones won't. But it's also kind of a waste of time if you're not actually interested in vegan recipes as a whole.

    You should try making hard boiled eggs in the oven! I tried that for the first time a few months ago and I'll never actually boil them in water again, it's too inconsistent. I put the eggs in a muffin tin (no water, obviously) so they don't roll around, 325 degree oven for about 25-30 minutes and they're perfect. Test one or two first in case your oven runs hotter/cooler, of course. Pull them out and throw them in ice water to stop them cooking. The only thing I've noticed is that they tend to get a tiny brown spot on the egg where it was resting on the pan itself, but it doesn't affect texture/taste at all.

  7. I pretty much never make anything from pinterest anymore because I think there was some kind of weird conspiracy where really really bad pins went viral and I got tricked enough times into not trusting it anymore. I google recipes now when I need to make something. I had too many "misses" with pinterest. (PS, do you know you have captcha on again? It started about 2 weeks ago.

  8. I totally pinned the Quinoa pizza pie recipe! Now that Scott can't have gluten, I'm always on the lookout for gluten free alternatives for things! It sounds super yummy, and I've been looking for something to try with quinoa. :)

  9. Quinoa Pizza pie sounds pretty good. Might have to give that one a go.

  10. cool! I think these are great pins! Any trinkets that bring joy


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