November 16, 2014

Turkey Trot 2014

It's rough when you realize you're not in the best cardiovascular shape that you can be.  It's even harder when you were in better shape a year ago, and better shape still a year before that. Truth be told, it's been a really rough year in that regard.  I've tried to find a balance.  Still a work in progress. However, a post with that much introspection, though well-suited for Selfie Sunday, might have to wait for another day.

Last year, I ran a 10K Turkey Trot in 55 minutes.  This year, I feel like life has caught up to me.  I don't do a whole lot of cardio and I truly hate running.  I don't like anything about it.  Oh, wait.  I like the shaky legs and endorphins rushing through my system a few hours after a run.  I do really like that.  However, I get nothing out of the physical act itself.  It's not a rush, it's not thinking time, it's not graceful movement in my case.  It's torturous.

I don't know why I sign up for these races.  I can't pass up a good "5K!" sign.  If for nothing else, just to prove I can do it.  Plus, this one was free.

So when Scott and I were walking across the parking lot to the starting line yesterday, he mentioned that he hadn't run in a few weeks.  My response was that I hadn't run since July.  And that is the honest to God truth.

I mentioned that the 5K I did in July was tough and this one followed the same route.  I'm now making a mental note to not bother with any more Ft. Carson 5Ks because they are trail runs, up and down hills (more up than down if we're being specific) and yesterday's trail was covered in snow.  Therefore, I can give very little credibility to my time and how I would rate my running ability overall.  And let's add in the fact that the altitude sets my lungs on fire.  Actual searing flames of pain.  Colorado Springs is over 6,000 ft. above sea level. (This is almost 1,000 feet higher than Denver, so I don't know why everyone makes such a big deal about that place.) A quarter mile into the race, I feel it.  No outward physical pain to speak of,  some mental boredom for sure, but the lung pain is what kept me walking for a third of this race yesterday.  Still, I finished in 35 minutes.  Not the worst, right?  Scott told me how hard the race was for him and then I felt a little better about my time.  Though he finished several minutes before I did.

Sometimes I think I could walk a 5K in the same amount of time that I could jog one. After all, I walked an awful lot yesterday.  I'm not a fast runner but I'm definitely one of those fast walkers.  Maybe I should do one more here just to prove my theory…

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  1. Glad to know that there's someone else out there who hates running as much as I do. You ran a 10k in under an hour! You're an inspiration :)


  2. I really enjoy running--but I think it's not the actual RUNNING that I enjoy but instead the idea that I CAN actually run now. I can only imagine running in a higher altitude though (or up or down hills, which I have yet to do)! I finished in 33 minutes when I ran, and I walked a good chunk too because I started out way too fast and then was plagued with a massive side cramp that WOULD NO GO AWAY! But to be fair, it was a road course--one I was VERY familiar with--and no hills. Or snow. I'm in an exercise rut right now too--I'm actually planning a post in the next few days that addresses that and incorporates a challenge for myself. I still think you did great! ESPECIALLY considering you hadn't run in so long!

  3. You still did great! There are runs where I just don't feel my best, especially when I am cold. That's how I felt about our 10k yesterday.

  4. i've always wanted to go a turkey trot on thanksgiving and finally signed up for one this year. the 25 degree weather and wind and snow today are making me kind of regret it!

  5. Well, that impresses me, because I'd never run--let alone in bad conditions when it's freezing cold out. Angel also cares about his time a lot, which is why he likes flat races.

  6. Yeah, I would definitely be happy with 35 minutes, especially in Colorado!!

  7. You went out and finished it which is great! Your 10K time is faster than mine so I am envious. I finally just made it under an hour for a 10K.


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