November 6, 2014

Stuff and Things 11/6

+I have a hate-hate relationship with the pants I posted yesterday.  I should say love-hate, right?  But any pants that ever make you hate them have to be hate-hate pants.  Last week they were too tight.  This week they feel great.  It's off and on with these stupid things.  But, though I check J.Crew for sales often and just need to buy some $60 pants already, I haven't splurged.  I did get a fabulous pair of jeans from J.Crew a few weeks back, but that doesn't help me on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

+Side note:  I LOVE reading Stitchfix reviews.  I mean, it's a real guilty pleasure.  I'm fascinated by the people who keep more than one thing from their monthly box.  I never could justify it.  However, when I see a person spending $70-$100 on pants from Stitchfix, I side-eye it a bit.  Are pants really ever worth that much?  Especially from Stitchfix, who we know cannot necessarily be trusted.  It's like he-who-cannot-be-named:  Stitchfix is that-which-must-not-necessarily-be-trusted.

+Organize:  Create your own challenge.  Well, my challenge is to get this house put together in a way that  resembles human beings living in it.  I'm going to organize things one drawer, cupboard, and room at a time.  I've been chipping away at it here and there.  It's a work in progress.  Always.

Specifically my goal is to work on the basement.  I have a ton of high-quality Rubbermaid bins, and I'm going to put all my teaching stuff in them. "High-quality" is important when it comes to bins.  Cheap bins fall apart and break easily.

If nothing else, I get a whole week off for Thanksgiving this year, so that's the week I'm going to do all the things.  Including paint our bedroom and/or kitchen and organize the basement.  We'll see, right?

+How do we feel about TWD?  I truly like Beth but I like Rick and Daryl more.  So yes, an entire episode of Beth and these new characters (new characters are the worst) is not going to hold my interest as much as it should.  I went to bed at 8pm-ish on Sunday night and then watched TWD on Monday before I fell asleep at 9pm.  Homeland was on Tuesday for me (eh, it took 52 minutes to get to the only interesting part...this is a good review of this week's episode)…Once Upon a Time was…not happening.  I'm not sure of this Frozen storyline.  It's kind of meh-y.

+I started watching Hostages on Netflix.  Dylan McDermott is one of my favorites.  In fact, I've all but boycotted American Horror Story because I don't think any season will ever compare to the first, starring him and Connie Britton. I became very sad when I realized there was only one season of Hostages.

+And that is the current state of affairs concerning television.


  1. Did you see my post breaking up with Stitch Fix? They dressed me terribly and I gave up. I do absolutely love the skinny jeans I got, though... they were originally priced $68 but I had referral money and they came out to $20. That's cool for me!

  2. High quality bins are so important. The sturdiness is essential.

    I haven't signed up for StitchFix and I'm pretty sure I won't. I've heard too many mixed reviews and it's a little too expensive for me.

  3. I have been wondering how Hostages is, I may have to check it out finally.

  4. I have a hard time spending a lot of money on ANY article of clothing (side eye to the fact that the bridesmaid dress for a wedding i'm in in May is TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY DOLLARS). Pants, I typically spend no more than $50/$60 on...and they better be freaking amazing jeans for that price.

  5. I too love Stitchfix reviews. My boss gets them shipped to the office so I can "unbox" with her, but I agree, the prices are kind of insane. But also, I am cheap.

    Okay, so, TWD. I mean I get it, the Beth episode was necessary, but I wish it had cut away so we could see what everyone else was doing, too. I have a feeling this episode is going to focus on crazy Eugene (is that even his name, or do I just call him that?) and that crew and it will take us forever to get back to Rick. But, overall, I find this season far more entertaining than the second half of the last!

  6. Stitchfix prices shock me. I've kept two pieces out of three boxes. Does anyone keep all the pieces?

    Your organization is only as good as your bins! Good goals, plenty of time to get the basement in shape!

  7. I am digging the organization goal. I may copy that. Our home is coming along but it's taking a lot longer than I planned (as you know!)

  8. I've been curious about Hostages. It's in my queue currently, but I haven't tried it yet. American Horror Story season 3 still isn't added, but I'll probably watch it when it comes out.

  9. I lol'd at the high quality bins. I've gotten so cheap ones before and that never works well for me!

    I've also never tried stitch fix. I just can't justify the $. But, I do like to read other people's reviews...ha.

  10. I have bought way too many cheap bins in my life. Nick still doesn't understand why I need to buy "better" bins, but he isn't the one packing/unpacking things.

    I'm always uneasy when new characters step into TWD. Plus, you really never know how long they'll last.

  11. I'm obsessed with Stitchfix, and I know I shouldn't be. The fact that someone ELSE is picking out the clothes for me is half the fun, and that's silly, but I'm a sucker. I actually ordered the whole freaking box last month, which I do realize is ridiculous. But I was obsessed with EVERYTHING in it: (1) a pair of perfect black skinny trousers, (2) a navy oversized sweater with hot pink elbow patches, (3) a grey shirt with leopard pocket and back, (4) a collarless black blazer (SO AMAZING!), and (5) a cobalt sleeveless dress shirt with black lace overlay. I'm not sure why I felt compelled to tell you all that, but there's another semi-review for you. :) I keep leaving really detailed feedback, and the boxes have just kept getting better.

  12. TWD! I was so excited until this past episode. I will say the bit right at the end has me hoping that everyone will get back together soon. Or at least there will only be two groups. I kind of feel like they're doing the new people to get us used to the idea of their new spin off show. Not sure how I feel about that yet either!

  13. I haven't seen the Beth episode yet. My husband is away and I promised to wait and watch with him. Blah!

    And I also love Homeland!

  14. Ah, Sttchfix. I gave up. The third time wasn't a charm. I got 3 boxes and only kept 3 items total. My last one did yield a great dress, which was, of course. The most expensive item in my box. It was the same price as the jeans they sent me. I actually did like them. They were skinny jeans, and they were quite soft and had a textured pattern down the sides. They were very different from most jeans I buy....including that they were also the most expensive thing in my box. I'm sorry, but if I can get my jeans for less than $20 when they're on sale at Old Navy, I can't justify those prices.

  15. Totally agree about StitchFix. I did buy a pair of coral jeans from them, they fit perfect, were comfy, and not terribly priced ($52 before the $20 credit). I wore them non-stop this summer and they've held up well.

    Was not pleased with the Beth-only episode. These new characters all suck. I have a feeling this is going to be kind of like the compound and the Governor but with that crazed cop, all to break Beth out. Clearly they're doing things out of sequence.

    I'm so behind on OUAT... and Scandal.


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