November 26, 2014

I'm not making a Christmas list.

I would start off today by wishing a Happy Birthday to Scott..but we've already established that he doesn't read my blog.  I can tell YOU what I got him, though.  A PSU camo Tervis tumbler and the book Killing Patton.  Plus that four-wheeler thing that's sitting under the carport…where my car used to sit.

Today my goal is also to mail off some presents.  I've just been picking up little things here and there thinking Oh, she'd love that! or That's perfect for him! and so on.  Gifts are not over the top this year and I'm pretty much done with shopping.  I might just pick up a few gift cards now and that will be that.

I'm also not making a Christmas list.  With this remodel, there's not a whole lot of "stuff" that I need.  Or want.  I mean, I'll never turn down clothes or kitchen stuff, but we're worried about other things now when it comes fixtures/furnishings we could use for the house.  

The only thing I want is this map, framed.

I'll probably do that over Christmas vacation.  I've had my eye on it for months now.  If that one, by chance, is gone when I get around to ordering, I'll find a different one on etsy.  I just want a big colorful-ish map of the world on the wall.  

We do need to get barstools, so we'll probably look for those over Christmas vacation too.  

There's so little that we actually need, and so many better places to put our money, rather than filling up a tree skirt with stuff we don't actually require. We're much better off than most and this time of year, especially, makes me appreciative of that.  The things we really want, like most people, can't be bought anyway, right?


  1. I'd like to have a huge map on the wall in my house someday, that sounds really cool, and great for conversations and spontaneous geography lessons.

  2. That map is so pretty, friend. I am actually excited about this christmas because we've set a VERY small budget--and sometimes those gifts in my opinion are more meaningful because you really have to know a person to pick out something small.

  3. I found some pretty nice barstools at Target, they are great quality and still doing good after a few years.

  4. I feel like we're legit adults now with our new homes. I want new things for the house, but they're things we need anyway and a few we will get over the holidays because there are some great deals, and so I guess they're "gifts" but I don't think we'll get each other individual gifts. Maybe something small. I used to be bummed at this thought but it's also nice to know we can buy things for our new home and not go broke, either

  5. that map is kinda cool girl. i love old looking stuff. and also, the book is amazing. he'll love it!

  6. Love that map. A map wall is on my idea list for a future house.

    Happy birthday to Scott & happy Thanksgiving to you both!

  7. We've been itching for a map to track our world adventures. One day, I guess.

    As for me... I made a list but there's nothing I really WANT. You know? I just want to buy the kid a butt load of stuff because I love it.

  8. I've been having a harder and harder time making a Christmas list every year. I make the list for my parents. Scott & I aren't huge on exchanging gifts between ourselves. (But I do loving shopping for gifts for others!)

    To some extent, I think this difficulty is because I'm a working adult. Most of the time, if I want something, I just buy it.


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