November 9, 2014

How do you take your jeans?

If  you looked into my closet, you would see three pairs of jeans.

First, a pair of bootcut American Eagle jeans I bought last fall because it seemed like bootcut was the style at my last school and every Friday was black/orange/andjeans day. Plus I hadn't worn a pair of bootcuts in a couple of years and thought it would be a nice change.  I can't even remember if I wore them to school.  I believe the only time I ever remember leaving the house in them was for a trip to the vet.  How ridiculous. I suppose they were only $30, but there they hang.

You'd also find a pair of Gap boyfriend crops.  Nice and comfortable but they stretch out when I wear them and by the end of the day they will be falling off.  I've worn them once in the last 4 months.  They are nice and soft and comfy though.  Until they become a falling-off-burden.

Then, you'd find my Aerie jeans.  I bought these skinny jeans in February 2012 and they are my go-to jeans. I mean, I wouldn't go so far as to call them "comfortable", but when a skirt is too formal and gym shorts won't do, they are my go-to.  I, since, have not found jeans at Aerie, but I look every once in a while.  They are as good as it's gonna get for jeans.

So that's it.  Kind of sad, right?

Awhile back I was directed to J.Crew's website from another blog and I decided it was time to order some grown up jeans.  Of course, being unfamiliar with how grown-up jeans work, I had no idea what size to get.  The ones in my closet are sized in those fake numbers:  2, 4, 6, etc.  Completely inconclusive measuring when it comes to buying grown-up jeans.  I ordered a 27 based on what I saw on the size chart.  They arrived a week later and were too tight.  But jeans that are too big are awful uncomfortable to me, so I didn't want to go too big, especially since these things are stretchy.  I exchanged them for a pair of 28s.  These ones are fantastic.  They are a great, dark color and are very soft. Super flattering too!  They are kind of high-waisted compared to what I'm used to wearing but I think that is just fine.

Sweater: Target // Bag: Lucky Brand // Jeans: J.Crew

So.  Where do you buy your jeans?

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  1. In an ideal world, jeans never stretch out. That never seems to happen, though. I've liked Levi's for a long time, though I've only ever bought a couple pairs because they're expensive (in my price range anyway). They tend to be pretty thick, fit me great, and last forever. More American brands need to go to the 27,28 style sizing. It's getting ridiculous when a size "9" fits me at Target and then "00" at Banana Express is too big.

  2. Old Navy, where I buy all my things hehe. But seriously, they fit, length and waist-wise, and they're comfy. Whatevs.

  3. I buy mine at Old Navy or Gap. I like Gap jeans better, but Old Navy jeans are surprisingly nice and very consistent in size.

  4. Jeans used to be the only thing I'd ever wear--but I've had a hard time finding any that fit me right in the last several years so Ive all but given up completely. Like you-Id have no idea where to even start with adult sizes. But those jcrew jeans? Freaking amazing on you!!!!! Thanks for linking up friend!

  5. Cute! I buy mine at Old Navy. They are the only jeans that are comfortable to me. I think I have 5 or 6 pairs from them.

  6. I end up buying most of my jeans at Kohl's. Finding petite sizes is so hard.

  7. They look great!

    I hate jeans and don't own many. I have an old pair of skinnies from Old Navy that are my favorite. They made them one year and never again so I need them to last forever.

  8. I'm just commenting because you made me laugh out loud when I read, "grown up jeans." Haha! The hubs {who's switching back and forth between football and a movie} looks over here like what are you laughing at?? And somehow when I try to explain... a blog... grown up jeans... he just doesn't find it quite as funny as I did.

    Annnnnd now that I've typed this much and not helped you at all... my three favorite/go-to jeans are from American Eagle, New York and Co. and some weird {possibly ghetto} brand from TJ Maxx forever ago.


  9. I have 4 pairs of jeans. 3 of them are from Old Navy. I have two pairs of skinny jeans (a dark and lighter wash) and a pair of boot cut jeans. I also have a pair of boot cut jeans from Maurice's. So I'm not much better in the jeans department.

  10. I don't know how I missed this post!

    Love the new jeans. I used to be a die-hard AE jean girl too, until they changed the way they fit. Then it was Silvers, until...same story. Now, I do spring for really expensive jeans, but I get a TON of wear out of them because they're basically all I wear, and it takes a long time for me to wear them out because all I do is sit in an office all day. And they fit AMAZINGLY. I won't spend that much on anything else though. I probably look like a walking oxymoron. Forever 21 and H&M sweaters and shirts and then Citizens of Humanity jeans, haha.

  11. JAG jeans and Levi button fly only.

  12. I haven't bought jeans in the longest. I used to buy them at Old Navy because they were very afordable, came in long, and fit. Now, ON has changed their sizing so terribly that I went in to buy a pair of cords last season, grabbed my sizes (10/12) and one up (14), neither fit. I then grabbed a size 16, just for shits and giggles, ALSO didn't fit. I stopped shopping there unless it's for gym clothes.

    I like Gap's jeans but they also don't fit right. They make my legs look huge. Any suggestions??

  13. Jeans are always so tricky! I recently discovered Vigoss denim at a blogger event and totally fell in love, so I'll definitely be ordering some other styles from them soon.

  14. I always love banana ones in the store and then after two wears, they stretch out and fall down.. And I've fallen for it in three different seasons! My faves are jcrew as well, we have an outlet here where they are almost always 50% off


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