October 6, 2014

Things I am absolutely sure of

Sweater:  Old Navy // Scarf: Target // Boots: Report // Pants: JCPenney
(Don't mind the chairs)

1. I believe I've gotten my $15 out of this scarf.  This is its 3rd season.  It's thick enough to be a cold-weather scarf, but you can also leave it on all day without sweating and it matches everything.

2. BareMinerals is absolutely worth the money.  And I don't have any other make-up actually because if I'm going to the trouble of putting on make-up, I might as well wear the good stuff. Otherwise, I think I'm doing myself a disservice because I'm putting a lot into my skin these days by using Rodan and Fields.

3.  Leaving voicemails, if it's not business related, is a waste of everyone's time.

4.  I hate Rascal Flatts.  Not all of their songs are absolutely terrible.  But their very first song was so awful that I never could take them seriously after that.  I mention this because they are on the radio all the time and this is why I hate the radio.  I feel the same way about Kenny Chesney.  His bad songs outweigh the good by 99:1.

5.  When I think about the blood, sweat, and tears we've put into this house over the past 4 months, I tell myself I would definitely never go back and do it again.  Then, I read about others who are "overseeing" the production of their prefab homes and I feel like I win at life.  Well, Scott wins at life.  I probably couldn't do this without him.  Blood/sweat/tears equals appreciation for things, right?

Also, I'd be lying if I didn't say our kitchen wasn't just a bit inspired by Snow White's.


  1. Great choice on the kitchen inspiration!

  2. I just tried to spell "inspiration" with TWO o's

    I think I need to go back to bed.

  3. Bare Minerals is the bomb.com. I only use it for special occasions for now since I rarely go out in public, but I LOVE it and will always be loyal. And yeah...I love snow whites kitchen. i haven't watched Once in a while though... :(

  4. I love that scarf, I have a few inexpensive ones that have stood the test of time.

  5. It is always worth it to put your money into your face.

    I love when scarves last forever and turn out to be pennies per wear.

  6. I never really thought expensive makeup was worth it until I really started experimenting with it. Speaking of Bare Minerals, I just ordered some of their foundation from Ulta last week after falling in love with a sample I got from them. When my husband comments on how good a foundation looks, I know I need to buy it, because he NEVER comments on that type of thing.

    Someday, I would like to remodel a house that I actually love. I think because from day 1 we knew this was kind of just a fixer-upper that we'd get in shape and then sell, I never really got attached. Compound that with the fact that Alaska has never and will never feel like home, and my house is just a house. I couldn't care much less about it other than how much we can sell it for in a year or two, hehe.

  7. I am right there with you about Rascal Flatts. They just sound so whiny to me! And I'm so bad, I don't leave voicemails either, but if someone calls, I miss the call, and they don't leave a voicemail or send a text, I don't call back, assuming it can't be that important haha.

  8. I've always had to spend a bit more on skincare and powders because as you know I just have such awesome skin -- not! But lately I have started to invest a bit more in other make-up items too and really feel they last longer, and are worth it...took me ages, but for me I like it.

  9. I really really really do love a good scarf. :)

    I can't say that I agree about Rascal Flatts, but you DEFINITELY have a point about Kenny Chesney.


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