October 18, 2014

School Colors and HFM Disease

Yesterday, I wore a jacket at school that definitely does not hail from my current district.  This jacket is from Alaska and I wore it almost every Friday for a year and a half.  I paid like $30 for it and it IS comfortable, so I might as well keep wearing it, right?

School/district-related clothes are a big deal.  Thinking back, while I was growing up, everything was in black, white, and gold.  Those were my school colors.  I think a lot of us as adults are partial to our alma maters' colors.  I tend to go navy blue when given the choice, and that may or may not be PSU-related.  I'm not sure.  I've always liked dark blue.

In Alaska, my school's colors were blue and white.  That was okay with me.  The rival high school, across town, was red and white. They were the Warriors. The high school on my side of town was the Moose. The other school would say, "It's moose season!"  My school would fire back, "Rather be dead than red!"  The two ends of town were rivals (hey, kinda like East Dillon and West Dillon).  The going trend these days is for each elementary school to have its own mascot, so my school was the glacier bears.

In Missouri, our colors were black and orange.  We were tigers. Everyone, I swear, wore black and orange everyday.  There was such an enormous amount of school spirit in that town.  It was kind of nice.  I owned no orange when I started there and now I have a few things, along with 3 district t-shirts.  I wear those shirts a lot because I like them and I paid for them.  When I saw one of those orange and black jackets walking around my new school in Colorado a few months ago, I had a twilight-zone-esque episode.  I forgot what state I was in for a second.*  Turns out, that teacher used to work at my school in Missouri.  She was wearing her black and orange with pride.  

Here, the colors are blue and gold, which is a pretty terrible color combination.  I'm not sure how blue and yellow relates to being "the panthers". I'd actually like to start a petition to switch the colors, but that is neither here nor there.  I own one school t-shirt.  I wear it most Fridays.  Yesterday, I wore my glacier bears jacket over it.  Nothing wrong with that, right?  

Also, I was out of jackets.  All my other fall coats were being sanitized in the hot water of the washing machine, so I really had no choice.  

Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease is going around my classroom.  EVERYTHING is being sanitized this weekend.  

*Confession:  Sometimes I do forget where I live.  Too many moves in too few years.  


  1. I really feel like to HFM is going around like crazy this year. I'm doing everything I can including crazy superstitious things like knocking on wood and throwing salt over my shoulder. sheesh!!

    *and no nothing wrong with the jacket :)

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  3. Our high school mascot was a panther.
    Our colors were blue & gold (yellow).

    I never understood it.

  4. My high school colors were purple & gold and we were the golden flashes. Hated those colors! In college, my colors were blue & orange (like the Mets).

    The last school I worked in was blue/gray/white.

    But now I am blue & gold like you! Everyone wears it on every friday (it's kinda crazy). I got one shirt on open school night, ordered another one and may order a school jersey. But most teachers wear either blue or gold/yellowish combo.

  5. it look greats
    ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡
    Do you want to follow each other on instagram? I'm @chicstreetchoc! Thank uuu

  6. our school colors were purple and gold and i was never a big fan. always wished they were blue and white! and HFM is bad! addilyn got that earlier and thankfully had a mild case!

  7. OH NO!! Sanitizing everything for sure! Gosh, you teachers end up dealing with so much. Our colors here are Orange and Black and I feel like it's a cruel joke considering how much i absolutely despise halloween.

  8. On the Friday that Mo Valley played Bellwood, I *might* have worn a blue and gold t-shirt (Bellwood colors), but I also wore a black and gold Mo Valley bracelet!!

    I've been at Mo valley 8 years, and I still don't have much MV stuff. I've gotten a couple random shirts because we could dress down on a day not Friday if we bought them. I do get one of our student designed Relay recess shirts every year, but I rarely re-wear those to school (probably because they have the year on them....). I just ordered a hoodie and a t-shirt from our PTO Spirit wear sale so I can stop feeling guilty about jot having MV stuff! lol

  9. Hey, blue and gold is University of Michigan colors, they can't be all bad! My alma mater's colors were maroon and gold and I do tend to think I look pretty good in maroon, haha!

  10. I hate HFM. My oldest daughter had it when my youngest was a week old. It was terrible.


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