October 14, 2014

Las renovaciones continue

This house is almost starting to feel like home.  When we moved in, we had no intention of keeping anything the way it was.  It really felt like we were coming into someone else's unicorn-adorned home.  You know what that feels like, perhaps.  Someone else's home always looks, smells, and just seems different than yours.  Our rentals in Alaska always felt very much like our home to me.  The one in Missouri never quite did for some reason.  However, although it's taken about 4 months, with each coat of paint I put on these walls, it seems a bit more like how our house is supposed to be.  

Even though I'd painted the pantry door, we knew we'd have to reconfigure it because the bamboo floor and the subfloor would make it so the door wouldn't open or close.  In other words, our floor is a good inch higher than it was when we moved in, so we've had to readjust some doors.

Scott took out the track and added handles to the front and hinges to the sides.  However, the hinges make it so the doors won't close in the middle.  As soon as he gets some time, he'll inset the hinges and that will close those gaps on the sides.  Hopefully.  We really like that it opens in the middle now.

My hutch!

Scott picked this up at Pier 1 last week.  It's perfect and is actually the only piece of furniture we've bought since moving in here.  I don't know if that bottom part is supposed to be a wine rack, and we own exactly 3 bottles of "nice" wine, but that's what I'm using it for.  Also, you can see that we're missing some trim on that wall.

The bar!

Don't mind the flyswatter.  Or the shotgun shells.

Scott built this frame for the bar with some shallow shelving and it still needs to have some "facing" attached and painted. The reclaimed wood bar top should be delivered within the next few weeks.  I don't think I've seen it yet, but it's on the way… I'm going to paint the shelving to match the island and add in a teal accent. Thoughts?

We couldn't finish the kitchen portion because we needed to account for whatever space the island/bar would take up.  Also in the background of this picture, entryway to the door, will be a slate floor.  Eventually.

This past weekend, I was working on the bathroom.  It was a dark sea foam color which, honestly, is not that bad.  But when you add in the fact that the master bedroom is the same color…and the master bedroom carpet is also seafoam green, I really, really hated it.

Green on green with a few orange stains.  This room is next on my list for many reasons.  

I ran out of paint halfway through the job, but intend on finishing next weekend.  Scott picked the color.  I hung up 4 paint chips, he picked the one he liked.  Valspar Signature Buttered Popcorn.

This was before I touched up the edges.  I swear it looks neater now.


  1. I'm always equally impressed and exhausted by these posts. I don't know how you guys do it. I'm lucky if I can get the laundry done AND I WORK FROM HOME! haha I'm seriously in love with all the updates y'all are making!

  2. I think the pantry door looks much better that way!

  3. Everything in our home is taking forever too...but about a month ago, it started to feel like our home which was a nice feeling.

  4. If that's your messy painting, you can paint my house anytime! I like the color. I'm partial to sunny yellows.

  5. That carpet...I can't help but laugh. You guys are doing such a good job with the place!

  6. IN LOVE with that buttered popcorn color! Can I have your permission to use it? I've been on the hunt for a nice yellow and everything has been too light or too mustard.


  7. Love!! I'm so impressed -- I don't think I'm up for a reno anytime soon!

  8. It's coming together nicely girl!

  9. I want someone to come in and fix my whole house. My husband, however, is too stubborn for that....

    YOURS is looking great!! :)

  10. The bottom of that table is perfect for a wine rack. Good thinking!!!

  11. I need to take painting lessons from you if that's your messy painting. I'm so terrible, I'm forbidden from using a paintbrush on anything that's not watercolor or paint by numbers.


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