September 22, 2014

New Girl

I unintentionally watched 2 seasons of New Girl this weekend.  I really have been striking out on Netflix lately…everything I try is terrible.  The Blacklist:  Okay, but not worth marathoning.  I tried the first few episodes of Scandal again because people will not shut up about it. I think it was worse the second time.  The redhead was better in Jericho (and that's saying something). Californication:  Just don't like it. Parks and Rec: Not whole-heartedly into it.  I'd rather just watch a show headlined by Ron Swanson.

So, Friday night, I ended up with New Girl on repeat.  I'm not sure why I never bothered with this show before.  Maybe because I'm not a sitcom fan.  I find it hard to invest in 21 minutes of a show at one time. Maybe because I've always been indifferent about Zooey Deschanel.  Who knows.

Here's the notes I took…

"You always see the worst in people."  
"Yeah, because people are the worst."

A Ryan Kwanten and Lizzy Caplan reunion in season one?  Yes. 

Two words, one name:  Dermot Mulroney

Also, Rob Riggle.  He's so "AHHHH!" all the time that it is mentally exhausting to me when he appears on the screen in movies or t.v.  Entertaining though.  

I feel like I've had this reaction to doors before.

The Pogo conversation in season 2.

Whenever Jess says "Welcome to our home".  That's how I feel when we have guests and I see them standing on the plywood floors and staring at piles of tools.

Whatever kind of crazy, discombobulated relationship Jess and Nick have in season 2 had me laughing for hours.  Really.  Like all weekend.  Because watching New Girl is what I did.  All weekend.

Also, I realized yesterday that I either had to:  Pay $30 for a pedicure OR buy a bottle of nail polish.  I haven't bought nail polish since 2013.  And before that, I think it was 2011ish.  The only polish I own (about 7 bottles) came from blog swaps.  And I'm kinda bored with those colors.  It was one of those "So it has come to this" situations.

So, since I didn't feel like talking to people yesterday, I opted to buy the nail polish and paint my own toenails.

I could talk about my new lamp, my new jacket, or my new purse (I tend to shop to fill the void when Scott's away), or the door I painted but, really now, New Girl was the highlight of the weekend.


  1. New girl was one of those "all the hype" shows so I avoided it for a while. I gave in last year and devoured the 2 seasons and fell in love!!! It's just so funny.

  2. I never clicked with it. I'm glad you like it!

  3. When New Girl first came on TV, I saw a few episodes here and there (mainly because it came on after something I watched or it was just on while doing something else) and I wasn't into it either. Then, one day randomly last year (I was probably very bored) I started watching it on Netflix and binge watched the first 2 seasons. I found it hilarious. I just started the 3rd season this weekend.

  4. Me & a friend have a discussion about every new Girl episode every weekend :) I LOVE Nick!!!!

    Have you seen The Mindy Project? If you like New Girl, you'll like that one too.

  5. I LOVE New Girl. Isaiah likes it, too - Schmidt is his favorite, of course. We're in the middle of Season 3 right now. Also binge watching The Blacklist...I love it. While there's a lot to be desired when it comes to Agent Keen's (Megan Boone's) acting, plus the fact that I don't think she'd actually make it in the FBI because her tactics are just terrible, I love me some James Spader.

  6. I like New Girl. I am only in season 2 because my husband is not a fan and I only watch it when he falls asleep and I am still awake haha!

    Have you tried The Good Wife?

  7. I have 0 bottles of nail polish here--for some reason now that I have none, it's been very easy to talk myself out of even starting a collection. I did go and get a pedicure,because they're only a fraction of $30.

  8. We're watching the newest season of New Girl right now. It cracks us up. Great show!


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