September 1, 2014

I always get sick on Thursdays

I felt the scratchiness in my throat by lunchtime on Thursday and it was all downhill from there.  I barely slept that night and felt hot and my throat burned on Friday.  Friday night, with a mug of tea in one hand and a mug of candy corn in the other, I was in bed around 9.

Saturday was supposed to be a great day of productivity but all I really wanted to do was lay in bed.  My nose was getting to be stuffy and that, to me, is the worst thing in the entire world.  I'd rather have a sore throat.

Scott had made plans for us to go to Home Depot to order our countertops.  That's right: we've switched from Lowe's to Home Depot for our remodeling needs.  The Lowe's in Fountain (the closest to us) screwed something else up a couple of weeks ago so we ordered our induction cooktop, our copper sink, and now our quartz countertops from Home Depot on the other side of Colorado Springs.  We like them so far.

I knew that if we were going to be on that side of town, I would need some pho for my cold symptoms.  With jasmine tea to drink, it made me feel so much better.  I could eat this every single day.   I put extra chili-pepper sauce in to clear my sinuses.  The broth was practically red after I stirred it up.

Then, it seemed like a nap was in order, but I had made plans for us to go to the Brantley Gilbert concert at the Colorado State Fair.  Or, rather, I'd bought the tickets 2 weeks ago. We've been spending so much money lately that, come hell or high water (a real possibility), we were going to that concert because that $64 was not going to waste.

The Colorado State Fair was….strange.  I don't know if people have just gotten trashier as the years have gone by, or if it's specific to certain places, but it wasn't a place I'd like to spend any amount of time.  I've spent entire days at the Alaska State Fair and never felt like I wanted to slap anyone.  There wasn't enough parking and I was all ready to pay $7 for a spot in a lot, but then we drove around for awhile and ended up parking at the Safeway.  Their loss, I guess.

I swear I wasn't getting a picture of anyone in particular.  Just the venue.

(I feel like I'm a really bad storyteller…this is why I don't do recaps often.)

After a funnel cake and some people-watching, we made our way into the Southwest Motors Event Center…which was heated to approximately 92 degrees fahrenheit with a couple thousand in attendance.  Me, feeling the cold-like symptoms, could've imagined a better place to spend an evening, but it was a really good show.

It was kind of funny because Scott had heard the name "Brantley Gilbert" on the radio and whatnot, but I'm the one who's been listening to him on Pandora for a couple of years.  He doesn't look like a country singer, so Scott was like, "Whaaaa…where are we again?"
And then he tried to tell his friend via text message that he was at the Dierks Bentley concert.  *face palm*

I hadn't been to a concert since Maroon 5…in 2005.  I just always think of better ways to spend my money and I hate committing to dates and times (i.e. the issue of "Do we nap instead?" that came up on Saturday).

Budweiser was obviously a sponsor of the fair because everyone you met had a 25 oz. can of Bud Light.  I thought this was really strange:  Colorado is Coors country.  Anyway, I hadn't had Bud Light since 2007, and it hit the spot.

Sunday, again, I just wanted to sleep but I felt like I had way too much to do.  I started cleaning things, checking stuff off my list, trying out the new Shark Steam mop (I do like it) and then I spent my Kohl's cash on $22 Wood Wick candles and grocery-shopped at Target.  How lovely is it that I can go to Super Target to buy storage tubs and also buy the groceries for the week?  Eliminating unnecessary stops is the name of the game these days.

Back to the point of this post:  I'm feeling better now, good enough for school tomorrow and the busy 4-day week ahead.  That's ALWAYS the way it goes.  Every single time I get a cold.  Symptoms start Thursday, functioning again by Monday.  Happens about 4 times a year.

It's a terrible way to live.


  1. Spicy food is the best when you have a cold. I had one a couple weeks ago and some chicken curry was an excellent sinus-clearer, besides the fact that it tasted good. But why did you have to remind me that candy corn exists? I actually forgot about that till now.
    As for concerts--I've been to one paid ticketed concert in my life and that was Darius Rucker in 2012 (Angel's idea, though I like Darius Rucker too). Committing to a date so far in advance and spending so much money to be in a crowded loud place does not often appeal to me.

  2. That used to happen to me ALL THE TIME when I nannied. It wouldn't take me out of work, it would just eat my entire weekend. And you and I both know we are/were only sick because of our jobs. I'm glad you managed to have a good time despite the conditions and your cold. Our state fair (to be fair, the only one I've ever been to--but up until 2010 had been every year), is a good mix of a good time and wanting to bitch slap people. It all depends on when you go and how much patience you have that day. It's also a gold mine for people watching!

  3. Glad you are feeling somewhat better. The county fair is coming to Los Angeles - actually I think this was opening weekend. I love going, but it's so hot. I've never been to any of the concerts though, maybe this year. Glad you got to enjoy the show!

  4. Glad that you are feeling better!

  5. Goodness now i want some pho. Glad you're feeling better!

  6. Glad you're feeling better. It's definitely unfair when a weekend is ruined by not feeling well, but at least (most of the time) there's stone to rest on the weekends!


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