August 25, 2014

Day in Denver

Two weeks ago, we had some friends stay with us.  Johnny is Scott's friend from high school and was a best man in our wedding.  Jenna is his girlfriend and she's a teacher in Pennsylvania, so we have an awful lot in common.

Can we metaphorically afford to spend a lot of time sight-seeing these days?  Eh, not really.  However, I'm glad that, since we had friends in town, we were given the opportunity to do a few things we otherwise wouldn't have.  For example, we ate out at Thunder and Buttons in Old Colorado City last Thursday night.  Fabulous food and terrific service.  Highly recommend.

Last Saturday, we went to Denver for the day and while I would've been perfectly happy hanging out at the outlets in Castle Rock, sight-seeing was on the agenda. (There will be a return trip to Castle Rock.)

We started out at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.  You could easily spend a whole day in there.  For about $22 a person, we had museum passes, a 25-minute 3D movie in the planetarium, and an IMAX movie (45 minutes) about D-Day.  The planetarium was interesting and the D-Day movie was fantastic.

We were disheartened to find that the Mayan exhibit cost extra.  We got there kind of late (11ish) so we didn't pay for it.  The museum didn't do a very good job of making that known right up front.  

We saw some mummies.

And dinosaurs.

And then went to the Botanical Gardens.

And then we had the best sushi that ever was.  I don't have any pictures (sometimes I just don't want to be that person, you know?), but we had 8 or 9 rolls of all varieties, 2 appetizers, a tempura entree, and 3 sakes and 2 beers + plus a giant tip for less than $140.  I HIGHLY recommend Banzi Sushi in Denver.  
("Highly" is definitely a play on words.  We were in Denver, after all.)


  1. That botanical garden looks like a really cool place to wander. And I'm a fan of science and nature museums--it seems like they always have extra movies and special exhibits and I'm always too cheap to pay for the extras, but the main exhibits are usually pretty cool!

  2. What a fun day - keep an ear out because some of those places may allow free entry if you're a teacher in the state. I know Chicago does that daily with their aquarium.

  3. It looks like a fun day! :)

  4. What an awesome day! The photos of you and Scott in the gardens are just great :)

  5. I know I say this like...every single post--but I really need to find a way to get out and visit you--if only for that sushi!!! (that, and seeing you--of course!) I'm glad y'all took the time to site see some!

  6. I love that last pic of you guys.

    The Botanical Gardens looks cool!

  7. Those pictures are great!! Looks like a really fun day. :)

  8. Ah Denver. That's where I grew up! I love that you're in Colorado now.


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