July 3, 2014

Stuff and Things 7/3

1. I wrote a few weeks ago about how I was very on the fence about a second puppy because once you're used to having a dog (albeit a high-maintenance one: Scout), a new puppy is ridiculously time-consuming.

However, Jett is getting better!  We're down to about one accident in the house a day.  He comes when called.  And he's taken a particular liking to me.  He sleeps on my legs.  If I'm in bed or on the couch, he must be next to me.  If I'm cooking or doing dishes, he lays at my feet.  When I was painting the living room last weekend, he was right there beside me.  

Since he's listening better and all these days, I definitely don't mind him.  He's pretty cute.

And the nice thing about him is that he's incredibly independent.  He barely notices when we leave the house.  Another reason why this clingy behavior of late is odd.  

2. Since Kevin Bacon has been around lately, and I spent most of that time annoyed at the county for shutting down our road for filming, I feel like I missed my opportunity to ask about what's happening with Joe Carroll these days on The Following.

3.  Sometimes I have breakfast in hand by 5:30am and sometimes I'm not hungry at all until 11am.  I don't understand this.

4.  I stopped going to acupuncture appointments when I left Missouri and I have no desire to really start up again.  The reasons are several, but after I wrote a post about how I was trying it out, I figured it was worth letting you know that I think I'm done with it.  It wasn't relaxing and it actually hurt a lot of the time.  I figure that means the acupuncturist was doing it wrong or I'm even more messed up than I previously thought.  Either way, oh well.

5.  I'm taking a blog leave of absence for the next few days.  Usually I don't post on the weekends, but I still read and sometimes write.  There's some undesirable army stuff happening next week so we're going to take this four-day weekend to finish house-related tasks (ha ha "finish") and spend time together.

6.  I think it's time to get out of the army.


  1. And how could anyone disagree if the dogs concur?

  2. I hope everything is okay army-wise. Enjoy your weekend together!

    Mae (4) has recently decided to stop going up stairs. She'll still go down them, but not up. This has happened with all the dogs at some point. I think there's always something with dogs.

  3. I hope the things happening army wise don't have anything to do with you guys. Enjoy your blogging break!

  4. It took a while to adapt to Oskar (dog #2), but after a few months we had a great routine down. He's the neediest dog of all time, but he is so sweet so it's okay. He knows the "rules" at least and Gigi is a good leader :)

    Enjoy the weekend and bloggy break! I'll be painting my bedroom, so I feel your house related pain ;)

  5. Oh, no. I'm sorry there are some undesirable things going on. One of my best friends is gearing up for her fiance to be deployed (their first and his first in general) for a year. I hate it for her. I love that Jett is now clinging to you, though! That's pretty sweet!

  6. I have that breakfast issue, too. I don't understand it either...I wonder if it depends on the last time you/I ate the night before. I have noticed that if I eat really late, I generally wake up really hungry for some reason.

    Enjoy your blog break! I am a fan of taking those. Clearly. haha.

  7. So is getting out of the army something that's being considered? I'm sure the doggies would love it ;)

  8. Yes, you probably should've been tracking down Kevin Bacon yourself! Enjoy your blogging break! Have a happy 4th! :)

  9. Haha that's hilarious that Kevin Bacon is in town! Hope all is ok on the Army front! Have a great weekend!

  10. Not a deployment already, I hope! Can he get out any time? Both times Kev had the opportunity to get out, he had paperwork in and then changed his mind lol. After grad school, we are lifers now. But I can't complain too much, we have been really lucky with assignments so far.


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