May 13, 2014

Motivation downgrade and a Full DITY Move

Pants: Old Navy // Sweater and shirt: Target // Shoes: TOMS // Sunglasses: Kohl's
When there's a lot on my schedule, I often tend to hit a wall and become highly unmotivated and then nothing happens.  Sometimes it's the opposite and all the stuff will get done right away.  Sometimes.

Of course, we have a lot going on right now with the upcoming move (2 weeks) and school ending (10.5 days, thanktheLord).  We decided to go the full-do-it-yourself (DITY) route and do this move ourselves instead of letting the army take care of it.  While it may seem like we piled on the stress with that one, aside from the packing and loading and unloading, it's less stressful.  When the army moves you, you have to make piles of things you cannot live without and separate everything you hold dear from all the things they're packing.  It also takes a month to get your stuff once they take it.  The way we have it planned, we'll load one day, drive another, and unload the next.  

I digress.

On Saturday, one of my former co-workers from Alaska called to chat.  I've already been missing 4th grade terribly (2nd graders will do that to you). There's something about being a teacher and ending one year while mentally planning for the next.  I miss being able to do that.  I remember making my first-week-of-school copies at the end of May one year.  That, to me, is the most blissful feeling in the universe; knowing you get to start over fresh the next year with new supplies and a new class. And let me tell you: I miss 4th grade.

So this teacher and I chatted, I started missing Alaska and the good times I'd had there (there were some), and then I took a nap.  Since I hate sleep, this was odd behavior indeed.  You don't have to ask my little family twice though. Scott and pups were also asleep within minutes.  

Then I woke up, felt all gross, and started packing up more boxes.  

Whatever motivation I'd felt had completely dissipated.  However, the boxes won't pack themselves, right?

Do you have any moving tips for me?  This is our 4th go-around, but there's always something I forget!


  1. Rome wasn't built in a day -- it's my mantra around here lately and I'm not finished school or completing a DITY, just digging out of laundry and cleaning up after tiling a backsplash in the kitchen. You'll do great!

  2. We have only done partial ditys and that was enough for us. Lol. I don't think we will ever do a full.

  3. I've never had anyone move me besides me, that would be weird to me I think. I don't know.

    Moving is the time to purge for sure though!

  4. I've only every done DIY moves...I'd feel weird having someone else do it for us! If I think of some handy tips I'll email you. It's Tuesday, I'm still groggy and someone's blasting Justin Timberlake on the other end of the office and it's making my head swim (hate JT and hate loud bass lines at 9am).

    Naps...ughghgghgh. You must have REALLY needed it!!

  5. We've never had the chance to do a DITY move, what with all our OCONUS moves, but I'm not sure if I would want to do one. I find it relaxing enough to sit back and let someone else do the work for me!

  6. I have done two fulls now. It isn't much different than when they military moves you. Make sure you leave your cleaning supplies out, put all your important papers and phone numbers in an accessible spot, and be very careful with all your breakables. We smashed our tv on one move because we didn't wrap it well enough. I suggest buying tv boxes from Uhaul. Make sure you have strong people willing to help. We have bribed people with food and beer.

  7. You sound like me. I am finally getting my motivation back little by little.

    We're done in 12 school days. (Hallelujah!!) I checked out of this class at day 160, and decided to start thinking about next year. I don't mean to do that, exactly. It's just that when you go through a difficult school year, you reach a point where there's not really anything else you can do for the kids you have. So you start to think about the kids you're GOING to have. The class coming up is low academically, but they're generally pretty well-behaved kids. I'll take it.

    Now bring on my summer!


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