April 24, 2014

Stuff I don't like.

Last week, I shared some things I'm loving lately.  Today, we have the opposite.  Just for fun.

I'm not going to say they're ugly, because I don't think they're ugly, per se. I just think they're unnecessary and expensive.  I become annoyed when people wear them to work:  you are not on a boat.  Also, I think they're meant to be worn with shorts or something (you know, while sailing on. a. boat.) Not bootcut jeans.

If I were Kate Middleton and I was spending some time on my yacht or walking around the docks, then yes, Sperry Topsider shoes it is.

Unfortunately, the only time I've ever spent on docks has required snow boots.

Seward, AK in March 2010.  That's not warm water.

Flavored coffee beans
Not to be confused with flavored coffee.  I love creamer (not vanilla though) and I enjoy caramel syrup in my lattes.  What I'm talking about is flavored beans.  The smell of vanilla-flavored coffee beans brewing a cup of coffee gives me a headache.  I have no idea why this is.  I like my beans plain and strong.  Flavor is meant to be added later.  And don't get me started on cheap flavored coffee.  You can enjoy your hazelnut Folgers on your own, thanks.

Being sick on the weekend
It never fails.  I'll start with a sore throat on Thursday night.  Friday, I'll be sick and won't sleep at all.  Saturday is miserable.  I'll be better by Sunday night though.  This is the pattern.

Wearing boots in April

Pants: Old Navy // Shirt: Target // Sweater: Gap // Boots: Report // Scarf: gift

You know those fall boots we're so happy to get out in September and October?  Yeah, those ones.  This time of year, I always wonder why we get so amped up about fall, the holidays, and snow.  For some reason, I had grand illusions (delusions) of wearing sandals in April in the pseudo-south.  I guess this place really is the midwest after all.  I'm second-guessing this Colorado thing.  I suppose I'll be grateful come August, but right now, I think a military base in Florida would be nice.  If such a thing existed.

Please don't mind me in that picture.  I was sick but I thought my outfit looked semi-put together so I took a picture.

See this one?  I look much more put together.  Also, the sun is out and I was happy.  I don't think that's a coincidence.

Shirt/pants: JCPenney's // Sandals: umm, I know I got them at Fred Meyer // Sweater: LOFT

Also, the sun was quite bright.  Definitely not a complaint.


  1. We've had one 80 degree day here and I was nearly dancing with joy (no, wait, I was literally dancing with joy!). But for the most part it's 40s and 50s and definitely still boot weather! I haven't yet completely decided how I feel about Sperry's. For a long time I didn't like them at all, but then I saw some really colorful Sperry's that were 50% off that almost swayed me. :P

  2. I actually like the photo of you in the boots! Aside from still wearing the boots and being ill, it's a good pic. I'm ready to throw all of my winter clothes out right now.

    I hate Sperry topsiders. Even if you're on a boat. I think they're ugly.

  3. Okay, I'll admit I used to wear sperrys all the time in college--in fact, I don't even know what happened to them. They were expensive and probably looked dumb considering I lived in THE MOUNTAINS...no where near water--but they were so the most comfortable work shoes and they didn't slip (I worked in a pharmacy at the time).

    I felt stupid on Sunday because it was so dang cold it was boots weather--but I refused to put them on because it was Easter Sunday and who wears boots on Easter Sunday. Yeah.

  4. Love your second outfit - those sandals are perfect. I also hate boots in April... I'm wearing Uggs today in a 43 degree, 20 mph wind day...

  5. Being sick on the weekend is the worst!

  6. YES to all of this, except I do like Sperrys (skinny jeans or shorts only, thankyouverymuch).

    But seriously...I tried raspberry flavored coffee once and about vomited all over. So nasty! Flavoring should be added AFTER coffee is brewed, not before.

    I don't think I've worn a pair of shoes other than boots more than twice since about October. BOO HISS WINTER FOR 9 MONTHS.

  7. Kind of off topic -- but I love Kate Middleton. Thoughts? Did I fix my email problem?

  8. It's actually quite nice in Florida. Come visit!

  9. First- oops, is Stuff & Things a Thursday linkup?! I thought it was Friday :(

    You are SO funny. I think sperry's look nice with certain outfits. I'll be honest when I was in middle/high school I did not understand whatsoever the hype of them.

    I like my coffee/fraps STRONG. and bitter. Not a fan of the added syrups and flavors.

    Oh no! :( I'm sorry you're getting sick so much that's not good! Maybe up your Vitamin C?

    I just boxed up my boots in the garage last sunday! But still have my cowgirl boots out of course!

    Love the shade of blue in your last picture!

    Thanks for hosting this link up!



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