February 20, 2014

The week that was

                                                                   My mentality:


The reasons are many; some important, some not.  

->I have this issue with responding to blog comments:  I must do it before I publish a new post.  A lot of the time, I have a few scheduled posts every week.  But before I sit down to write a new one (like this one that I'm starting on Wednesday night), I feel the need to absolutely respond to comments from previous posts….especially really nice, thoughtful comments.  If I have the time to write, I have the time to converse, right?  

-->I've also been watching the Olympics.  I say that I'm one of those people who don't care one way or the other about the games…because few things bug me more than bandwagon hoppers.  And Every Two Years, we find ourselves in the presence of bandwagon hoppers.  So I try not to get too involved.  However, each and every time, I get pulled in because…

I love ice dancing.

After 2006 and 2010, I wanted to name my first-born Tanith.

Perhaps the fact that I'm staying up until 11pm watching ice dancing is not awesome for my motivation and mood.

--->And forget blog-reading.  I've been skimming some things here and there, but I assure you, few comments were left.  I would just kind of open up web pages and stare at them, without actually "seeing".  I could've been doing the dishes with this wasted time…the giant pile of clean dishes and the stack of dirty pots really bugs Scott, as he sits 10 feet away slaving away with a book, a spreadsheet and what looks like an alien language (math or something).  But by the time I cook dinner, eat, and entertain the idea of cleaning up, I don't feel like cleaning up.  I spend all day cleaning up after kids that aren't mine; I don't feel like washing pots all evening. I mean, I love teaching and all, but when I have to wait until 4:30pm to breathe easy, dishes aren't my priority.  Neither are the clothes on the closet floor.  Life is short, right?

---->Speaking of life being too short…this happened in Missouri this week.  The murderer works (worked) at a K-8 school.  I do believe a public hanging would be too good for him.

-----> With our upcoming move to Colorado (which is posing its own challenges), I'm in slight denial about the fact that I have to resign from my job sooner, rather than later.  This is very stressful to me. That, coupled with several parent meetings this week, has been trying on my nerves.

------>Onto something completely trivial: This is the best $25 I've ever spent.


  1. I have heard such great stuff about Bare Minerals but I never felt the need to spend the cash. Is it totally worth it?
    I'm a super cheap make up gal because I hardly wear any.

  2. I'm absolutely terrible at responding to comments on time. Sometimes I forget and have to go back and binge-respond to comments! Sorry this was such a tough week :(

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  3. I love Bare Minerals, I am very weird when it comes to spending a lot of money on makeup but that it one product that is worth it.

  4. Sorry if I am contributing to the over-abundance of comments because of my commenting on older posts.

    I can totally relate to both of those graphics because that is how I have felt so much lately. I have had SUCH a bad attitude about work this year. There are many reasons why, but I know that one of them is definitely being a new mother and wishing I could be at home with my child in his most formative months/years. It's hard to be a working mother, but I know money would just be so tight with one income, so every day I go to work I tell myself I'm doing it to make a better life for him, but it is sooo hard to get out of bed and get ready knowing I am leaving that little smiling face for 1/3 of the day. :(

  5. I used to loooove the Olympics (before it was cool to love the Olympics) but not having had cable in YEARS, I haven't watched a single Olympic event this year, or for the past decade probably. Which is sad, because the winter games were always my favorite. Skiing and figure skating in particular (the only fun summer event is diving, imho).

    Yay for beach hair!

  6. P.S. I am also guilty of letting dishes and clothes pile up because life IS too short... and that's exactly how I justify it, too. I usually have to be close to running out of something (a type of dish or a type of clothing) before I get up the motivation to wash... or I do a HUGE catch-up session on the weekend when I'm home all day and can do a little here and a little there all day long. Having a baby has forced me to do dishes and laundry a little more frequently than before, but I still hate doing them.

  7. In so many ways, I totally could've written this post. Even with two snow days this week, I've felt like that picture..."But I just got up yesterday..."

  8. Gosh do I puffy heart the Olympics! And I also love bare minerals.

  9. I TOTALLY hear you on the letting clothes pile up on the closet floor. That is my current situation. I also did laundry 2 days ago and did not fold it yet. It's like the last thing I want to do.

  10. I think he deserves exactly what he did to her - and let him suffer. I can't believe he was in the schools too. Ugh, what has this world come to?

  11. I know how you feel about resigning from your job sooner than you thought you would! It was really tough telling my boss, luckily he was really understanding.

  12. This whole week I have been off my game in real life and blog life. I swear by Bare Minerals powder...hopefully your weekend helps get you back where you need to be!

  13. My attitude has sort of sucked this week, as has my participation in life.

    I just got a new CC cream in hard compact form and love it. Best $42 spent.

  14. About the blog comment thing: don't put so many rules on yourself!! This is supposed to be fun :) You'll reply when you have the time. And if you don't--don't! (don't ever feel obligated to reply to me--I know you love me)! And YAYYYYYY for you loving the bare minerals!! They look absolutely fabulous on you! Also--you need to recharge this weekend. I hate that you're feeling so run down. I want to pump you full of wine and feed you desserts and binge watch netflix with you. And I'll paint your nails. Deal? Ok.

  15. Blog reading and commenting...you don't have to explain to me. !!!

    Working all day then doing dishes and cleaning = NO.

    Have a good week my friend!


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