January 6, 2014

Valentine's Day Blog Swap!

It's only the beginning of January, but the stores are already stocked for Valentine's Day…

Sweetheart Swap

Valentine's Day seems to come at that perfect time during the winter lull after the holidays, when you're tired of your New Year's resolution and could just really use a piece of candy.  This year, Meg and I thought it would be fun to help some of our online friends find blogger valentines, so…this is the Sweetheart Swap!

Here are the basics:
- Sign up between today and Monday, January 13 with the form below.
- You'll receive your blogger sweetheart by Thursday, January 16th and you can email her back and forth/stalk her social media to learn about her [likes, dislikes, favorite candy?]
- Go shopping!!! Spend about $20 [before shipping] to buy your sweetheart a package full of her favorite goodies.
- Make your sweetheart a Valentine.  We don't have any requirements for what else you put in the swap box, but we do ask that you get creative with the card, and take it back to your old school elementary school days!
- Mail your package by Saturday, February 1st.
- Link up with us to share what you received from your Sweetheart on Thursday, February 13th.

(Again, as I say with every swap I do, worst case scenario = me and Meg sending each other a box of goodies.  Win-win.)

Just fill out the form below!


  1. It's nice to see some pink floating around in the stores after all the red and green!

  2. I love your swap parties!! I hope that more people want to send to Canada... I send really good packages :) (or at least I hope that I do lol)

  3. I love the homemade valentine part! Fun!

  4. I signed up, but didn't get an email with my partner's info?!


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