January 8, 2014

Stuff and things. 1/8

1.  I spent Monday scrubbing stomach acid off the white carpet.  However, at least the dog is still alive.  You see, he got his paws on a pack of Trident.  Did you know xylitol is incredibly poisonous to dogs?  I found that out when I called the emergency vet and they told me to bring him in right away.  The emergency vet is almost 2 hours from here.  In lieu of a midnight visit on Sunday night, they said to make him throw up.  1/8 of a cup of peroxide and some bouncing around caused him to throw up several times.  Again, at least he's alive.  I'm kind of sick over the thought that I didn't know that about gum.

2.  Speaking of….Scout took a trip to the vet for a lyme test yesterday.  We didn't necessarily think he had lyme disease, but we've pulled thousands of ticks off of this dog in the last 8 months.  A blood test made us feel better…And it made him hate me a little bit, I think.  He's all clear.

3.  This feels about right.  Signs you graduated high school in 2004, 2005, or 2006.

4.  This is why things on Pinterest don't work.

Do you  know how many "crap" baskets we have?  A lot.  You know what happens to "crap" baskets?  "Crap" baskets become full of "crap" and then you have to buy new "crap" baskets.  And then when you need said "crap", you are forced to dig through the baskets because the idea of a "crap" basket is really just code for "I don't want to deal with it now, so I'm probably going to forget where I put it anyway.

Same with mail.  Doesn't work.  And then you forget to pay the electric bill. Because you lost it.

5.  I spent a significant amount of time spying on neighbors who were stuck on our hill this week because "snowplow" isn't a word most Missourians are familiar with.  Four winters in Alaska, I've never seen roads this poorly maintained.

2 days after it stopped snowing.

And Scott thinks this couple (van pictured below) was really just casing our house when they asked to borrow a shovel.  So he borrowed the zoom lens to snap several pictures.  

To protect privacy (for now),  I'm using one of the blurry shots.

6.  Missouri University of Science and Technology AND the United States Army are now working together to make our lives difficult.  Every time Scott calls to schedule classes, they say he has to pay thousands of dollars first.  Tuition Assistance is supposed to pay for it.  The Army says they've fixed the problem, only for him to be denied each and every time he tries to schedule a class.  This has been going on since November.  I've never seen such a clusterf*cked combination of events come together in order to derail someone's education.  It's like, I expected it, but man.  These organizations exceeded my expectations.  Way to go, guys.  (Here's my first We hate MS&T post, in case you missed it.)

7.  We're on snow day #3 here and I'm going insane.  We're going to be in school until July.

Handwriting before and after winter break:
borrowed from Hima :)

8.  This is an outfit I wore back in December.  Back when I had to get dressed each day.  I don't recall what that's like.
Sweater: LOFT // Dress: from the post-exchange // Booties: Target // Watch: Fossil

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  1. Oh, animals. Maybe Scout should just wear a muzzle whenever he's unsupervised, the way that dog likes to eat things that are not dog food (I'm kidding, by the way...before I get cyber-murdered).

    I like that purple sweater, it's cute. Well, the whole outfit is, truthfully.

    You'll have to keep us updated on this neighbor situation.

  2. That is so true about the baskets. It's unreal how stuff accumulates.

  3. I've had to make Emma throw up a few times in her 10 years. Silly pups.

  4. Do you have to make up all your snow days? They have us make-up up to 3 days at the end of the school year. I hate it. But I do love the random days off in the winter.

  5. Oh my gosh!!!! I'm so glad scout is ok!!! I had no idea about gum either--smart of you to call the vet right away! Goodness I'm sure that was scary.

  6. I had NO idea about gum with dogs, good to know now. As far as roads go - I should take some pictures of the ruts on the roads here, and we have a $10 million snow removal budget every year... something is severely wrong with our city. Hope you don't have anymore snow days!!

  7. Usually I give props to MoDot but this storm I do not. It is ridiculous how they haven't been plowing and I'd love to speak my mind to them!

  8. I didn't know that about gum either! That's awful. I'm glad your dog is okay though.


  9. I would have never known about the gum. Poor Scout! But poor you for having to clean it all up.

  10. The roads are pretty terrible on the STL side of Missouri, too. We actually had a snow day on the base. The roads are a little better, but my neighborhood has yet to be plowed, and my car keeps getting stuck trying to leave the house.

  11. Omg, poor Scout! You must have been terrified! I'm glad he is ok :(

    Ummm yes to #3, Josh and I are totally number 10 on that list. People are always shocked when they realize we're back together and it's been 4 years.

  12. i never knew that about gum! i have had dogs in the past that liked to find packs of it in my mom's purse and chew it....and they survived.

    love the high school list! it is so true.

  13. The amount of things dogs cannot have is crazy. They all react differently to stuff. I'm glad Scout is in the clear!

    I employ the crap basket method and it works! I clean them out weekly.

  14. I think that outfit is really cute!! And I imagine that Scout episode was really scary!! One of our cats got killed (most probably by a coyote) a couple weeks ago--that was quite sad, especially for Angel because he is the one who's in love with the cats.

  15. Poor puppers! One of our pups got into a stash of birthday cash my husband kept on his desk in a cup. We came home to find tiny bits of a $20 bill vomited up by the front door. I suspect the dirty sweatiness of the cash was the allure—they love all things stinky and sweaty: socks, undies, etc.

    I know about Xylitol only because my friend’s pup ate gum a year ago. Also on the list of often unknown toxins:

    Grapes and raisins (my sister-in-law’s dog died in October from grapes—she didn’t know they were poison, and she lets her toddlers get meal assist and clean up from their dogs)
    Bread dough (equals alcohol poisoning. My friend’s dog at a whole pack of frozen bread dough as it defrosted on their kitchen table.)
    Avocado (no guac for pups!)
    Onions and garlic
    Macadamia nuts and walnuts
    Pot (our own pup ate some discarded edibles at a sketchy park; the vet said this is becoming more common among pets, children, and wildlife in states that have medical mj. People toss their edibles and they get eaten. This is one where you don’t want to induce vomiting since they can aspirate. They used charcoal to absorb and bind it in his tummy.)

  16. I didn't know that about gum either! So don't feel bad! I'm glad Scout is ok! :)

    It's funny, I just saw both of those pins on Pinterest. They're nice ideas for people who are already organized. OR people who have kids and at the end of the week, you force them to take their basket and put their "crap" away. I'm the only one who puts things away so I do not need more work for myself.

    After Tuesday, we've only had two cancellations. As much as I don't like making up days, I don't really feel like going to work either. So I'm kind of caught in a catch 22.


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