January 14, 2014

How 2013 Played Out

A little late, but everyone hates these posts anyway, right?  For posterity's sake…

I always like to wait a few days into the new year to recap how I felt about things and reflect on the year gone by.  I re-read through some blog posts over the last week or so and here are the poignant bits…or, rather, just the bits…I don't know that I'd call them poignant.
I wasn't super satisfied with what I read/wrote in the past year.  I'm not sure why this is.  I liked my "work" from 2012 better.  

Here's Kristin's kNook in a nutshell…

I started off the year by sharing 27 Things About Me for my 27th birthday.

I showed you how to make a Valentine's Day bunting decoration too.

In February, I asked Scott to fill out a questionnaire about me.  I thought his answers were entertaining.

I also shared my thoughts on Pajama Day, which is a never-ending battle that I find myself fighting in my new school too. I find it to be a most worthy cause, and one in need of all of our attention.

The most memorable part of spring break in March was Scott's PRK eye surgery.  And then he shot a caribou.  And that was March.

In April, as we got ready to leave Alaska, we had a rough start to the journey.  I also shared some things I predicted I'd miss about Alaska (I was right!) and did a flashback of the last few years.
I also shared Muddy Buddy Bars, which is a dinner dessert that includes the best foods known to man: marshmallow, chocolate, peanut butter, and Chex cereal.  

May brought a new home in a new state.  We also went to Pennsylvania and then we unpacked all the stuff. Was a busy month.

June was really just a month of settling in and catching up.  I mainly shared observations of my surroundings.  Here's a few.  Also, a typical Missouri weekend for me.

July included my second camping trip in as many years.  We also brought home our dear, dear Scout.

August brought on some Missouri grievances.  I also shared some deep thoughts about missing my teaching job.

And then in September, I got a new teaching job.  Also, we took an 18 hour road trip into the middle-of-nowhere, Indiana.

In October, I went back to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum in Mansfield.  Then I ranted a little bit.  Also, I shared our favoritest ice cream cake.

November led me to share lots of Stuff and Things (including some 2nd grade anecdotes), and some fall desserts (because anytime is a good time to make a fall dessert…even January).  Also, I taught you how to roast garlic.  You need to try that.

In December, I told how I still believe in Santa.  I also threw some confessions out there.  Since I splurged on the Clarisonic Mia 2, I told you about it.  (Stay tuned for an 8-week review soon!)

What about you?  Do you get a kick out of writing/reading recaps?  I look at it as a necessary evil.  Self-reflection is an important skill, right?


  1. I don't mind recaps on the blogs I read regularly, so I liked yours. :)

  2. I love reading recaps. Sometimes we forget or miss a great post from the beginning of the year.

  3. I like them when I'm a regular reader. It allows me to check out some things I might have missed.

  4. I always do a questionnaire recap, they are always fun and make you relive the memories!

  5. I love the recap! It's a fun way to look back.

  6. I don't mind reading and writing recaps at all! It always amazes me how every blogger does it differently! :)

  7. I've loved following along your journey Kristin and I can't wait to see what 2014 brings, even if I have been a horrible reader lately! :)


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