December 18, 2013

Stuff and things. 12/18

*There's a Homeland spoiler down at the bottom of this post.  Beware.*

-We found a shivering little cat on our porch last Monday night.  We took him in because it was snow-storming.  The next day, my friend and I took him to the vet.  We got him vaccinated and he's currently residing on our sofa (okay, in the guest bathroom…no, on the sofa.).  Kayla found him a new home and we'll be dropping him off there soon.

He really is a sweetheart.  If I wasn't such a cat-hater, I'd keep him.

Scout-the-dog doesn't care for him.  That's the deal breaker in this house: if Scout doesn't like it, it doesn't happen.

That being said, as soon as Scout falls asleep, the cat curls up next to him.

I would never even think of being a vet, but this made me laugh so loud.

- I have a lot of military kids in my class.
Kid from Texas: How do you say Merry Christmas in Hawaiian?
Kid from Hawaii: Merry Christmas.
Kid from Texas: Oh.

-Was anyone else entirely depressed by the season finale of Homeland?  I mean, geez.  Just…depressing.  It wasn't exciting.  Just…blah.  I kept expecting a sniper to pop up and shoot the rope down.  That's all I have to say about that.

And where is the Brody family?  I really like them, and kinda wanted to see more than Mira and Saul on vacation. My favorite season, as it is with most shows, is still season one.

Scott said that Claire Danes has the worst pouty face (known as the "ugly cry"), and I really think mine could rival hers.  I was upset about something the other night and Scott kind of looked back and forth between the t.v. and me a few times and was like, "Hmmm that's what you do".

Now that Homeland is over, I can cancel Showtime.  It's the little things.

-Scott also told me that he was upset that I didn't give him more credit for when he went out and bought me a car last week. He said something about, "I thought I'd get more than THAT on your blog."  (So he does read, after all.)
So, all 27 readers of mine, I am forever grateful to my sweet, caring, and thoughtful husband.  He puts up with my pouty face, drives to Papa John's to pick up the pizzas, and he buys me new cars.


  1. I love the pic of the kitty curled up next to Scout. So cute!!!

  2. Yay for Scott!!!!

    That cat is cute. I'm not a cat person and they even get me with their cuteness. Darn it.

  3. That vet thingy is funny. I still think you should have kept the kitty. I love mine.

    Scott is the greatest ever.

  4. stop it with that pic of scout and the cat! That is too much.

  5. The Scout + Cat picture!! I can't handle the cuteness!!

  6. What a gorgeous cat! So glad you found him a home. :)

  7. Ohmygosh, that vet picture - had me laughing! And what a sweet picture of the pup and the kitty!

  8. Scout and the cat sleeping is too precious!! And the vet picture is hilarious. I love the things kids say!

  9. Yay for surprises from your hubby!

    I need more present ideas for my hubby, got any?

  10. That comic is hilarious! That is entirely the reason that I could never be a vet. Well, that and all those anatomy classes...

  11. Oh, I'm such a cat person, and that little nugget is the cutest ever! MY fiance would hurt me if I got more cats though haha and that vet cartoon...I have to show it to my sister because she's a vet :)

    I'm your newest follower via both GFC and Bloglovin'!

  12. so cute that they slept together! that was so nice of you to take care of it!

  13. OK - I think the cat is a must stay fixture in the house now... they're buddies!!! :)

  14. Oh seriously! You should totally keep that cat!! I love that he curls up with Scout when he falls asleep. :) TOO cute!

    Yay, Scott!!!! haha :)

  15. I'm not even an animal person...but cats can be pretty cute. And a man who brings home Papa Johns once in a while...that's a good one. Also cars are very useful. :)


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