December 10, 2013

Real Confessions

This is what Scout looks like when Scott leaves without him.

I'd like to think that when I admit stuff on this blog, it's stuff that's truly confessional.

And it's almost kind of embarrassing the way the dog prefers Scott to me.  This is what Scout looked like on Saturday, when Scott was off getting the new car as a surprise for me.  The poor pup lay curled up in a sad little pile for hours.  Again, it's almost embarrassing.

More confessions:

1.  I always feel like I'm the person with the messy eyebrows.  I hate plucking my eyebrows almost as much as I hate painting my toenails. I've gotten them waxed before, but by a family member.  I don't trust a stranger enough.  Also, I pluck them in the car (not while I'm driving).  That's where the best light is.

2.  I need to stop biting my nails.  It's not even a question anymore.  I need to stop gnawing on my cuticles.  It's gross. My goal is to be able to grow them enough by my birthday so that I can go get a manicure.

3.  Sometimes I don't trust people who don't drink coffee.  I don't understand what their motivation for life is.  It makes me suspicious.

4.  I am the world's worst text message replier.  I think I'm losing friends because of it. I swear, I don't do it to anyone on purpose.  I just cannot stand texting.  I see no novelty in it.  It might actually be worse than picking up the phone and calling someone.  Actually, no.  Nothing is worse than that.

5.  I didn't realize until about a month ago that Lizzy Caplan played Janis Ian in Mean Girls.

6.  I have to measure my coffee creamer.  1 1/2 T.  Otherwise, a third of a cup will easily go into each cup of coffee.

7.  I cannot stand the song "Home" by Phillip Phillips.  It makes me cringe.

8.  We have one of those awful microwaves that does the reminder beep thing if you don't get your food/drink out right away.  I hate microwaves that do the reminder beep.

9.  Did you watch The Sound of Music Live last week?  Scott asked me "What's The Sound of Music?" before I turned it on.
I was in the orchestra for my high school's production of The Sound of Music back in 2002.  I played the trumpet.  I know those songs inside and out.  

(Now that's a confession.)

Got anything confessional to share?


  1. I've seen enough people get their eyebrows waxed...and I've waxed enough never trust anyone with mine. So many people don't even know how close they came to losing an eyebrow....

  2. Thanks for reminding me I need my eyebrows done. I hate doing them myself, I hate shaving & painting nails too but once I leave the place after having them waxed I feel so much better. However I do go to the same place and the ppl there like to see how long it takes for me to come in because I never go in on schedule (supposedly every 4 weeks).

    I'm also not a fan of PP's Home. I change it quickly.

    Enjoy your snow day (if you're out for day #3)

  3. I do the same thing with my cuticles... when I've gotten my last couple of manicures, I basically get yelled at... so embarrassing.

  4. I cannot stand to have my eyebrows plucked! I have to have them waxed. One quick movement but I only get them done by one person and it's only when I visit Oklahoma. The beep reminder on the microwave is the absolute worst. I'm always yelling at ours. Glenda prefers Dylan over me and I think it's because he's the one who picked her out at the shelter. He's definitely her person!

  5. Haha, BOTH my dogs mope when Jason leaves. Oskar actually whines. Gigi looks a lot like Scout and pouts. I never had dogs so it took me a while to warm up. They still are insanely happy when I come home, so I made peace with it, lol.

  6. Ok, the Lizzy Caplan/Jania Ian thing is news to me!! I never knew that! I really like her in Masters of Sex. Are you watching?

  7. My microwave at home beeps. I want to punch it when I finally make it downstairs if I was off doing something else.

    I am the leader of our dog pack. I feel bad for MFD because all three of them prefer me.

  8. Yes - the reminder beep! Just... why. WHY? So annoying.

  9. I'm not a big text-messaging person either. I used to love it simply because it was an easy way to avoid a phone call, but nowadays I'm just not really into it. Yesterday was the perfect amount. ;)

    I've never had my eyebrows waxed. I just can't get on board with paying for something I can easily do myself. (Plucking, that is. Not waxing.)

  10. Emma pouts the same way when Kyle is gone. It's sad.

  11. oh no you don't like home?? I love that song and his other song gone, gone, gone. I should probably buy his cd or something!

  12. I have two chocolate labs, Coco and Duke. At first we would joke that Duke is mine and Coco is his. Its now not so much a joke but a fact. Duke prefers me and Coco him.

  13. I totally agree on the coffee thing. How do those people get out of bed in the morning? How do they round out a large, delicious meal?

  14. I can't pluck my eyebrows either. I actually got them threaded for the first time a few weeks ago, and it turned out really great!

  15. I'm seeing cracks in our beautiful relationship. 1 - I don't drink coffee. I like the smell, hate the taste, and I don't do caffeine. 2 - I LOVE the song Home. 3 - I love texting.

    I still like you though.

  16. I really want to like coffee, but I just can't do it. I love the smell, but the taste....blech! (Please say you'll still trust me! ;) )

    I did watch The Sound of Music. I don't care what anyone says, I loved it! :)

  17. The cats like me better but Gus loves Craig. I wish he would curl up in a ball when Craig is gone, instead he barks and acts super naughty.

    I also have terrible eyebrows, but I will get them waxed when I think about it.

    I too have to measure coffee creamer. It is so easy to just pour the yumminess in.

    And the microwave beeper thingy is terrible. Give me a second will ya?

  18. 1. LOL, me too. I finally found someone I like, schedule every 4 weeks and end up pushing it to 6. By then I look like a man.

    3. YES.

    8. My oven timer does that. Even after I've turned it off. SO ANNOYING.

  19. Our psychotic Korean oven beeps when it's done preheating. It will remind you twice (in about a 30 second time span) and then just shut off. It also shuts off if you open the oven door. So say you put your cookies in after the oven has preheated? Yeah it still turns off. I can't even describe my frustration learning (aka guessing) the appliances here.

  20. Ummm I don't drink coffee... But I do drink large quantities of Coca-Cola and Cherry Coke to get my caffeine intake. I've just never liked the taste of coffee. I have the same eyebrow problem :)

  21. I TOTALLY agree that the best lighting is in the car. I always notice eyebrow hairs that I missed plucking when I look in my rearview mirror. It's like, "Hey! You weren't there this morning!" I used to pluck my eyebrows like it was my job (I even had a HORRIBLE over-plucking experience in high school, and it took YEARS for my eyebrows to return to being fully normal; by the end of college, I was finally happy with them again). However, over the years, I have gotten SO LAZY about it, and I don't pluck them until they are truly horrible. :/

    I also bite my nails. I've been trying to quit for years! I know this sounds weird, probably gross, and terrible, but I feel like biting them is more effective than clipping them. The nail clippers always mess my nails up. Not that that's an excuse, I think that's just how I help convince myself that I'm not a freak. It's also hard to have longer nails now that I have a baby. I tend to scratch him by accident when they get too long. :(

    I also hate calling people on the phone and think people who do not drink coffee are bizarre, almost in-human. Also, my microwave does the reminder beep too. Sometimes I HATE it. It's like, "I know it's still in there! Shut up!" Other times, I'm like, "Oh, yeah, I did forget about that," but that's mostly when I'm steam-cleaning bottles because I'm usually mixing some bottles while cleaning them, and I get side-tracked: Mom Brain... it's a REAL thing.

    Again, I think we are long-lost twins... only you are younger, blonde, and skinnier! :)

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