November 8, 2013

Winter's Bone

Jacket/Booties: Target // Dress: Banana Republic Outlet 
The other day, it was chilly.  40 degrees goes right through you in Missouri.  40 degrees in Alaska was like a day at the ....lake.  
Look at the dead flora in the background.  It's starting to look awfully Winter's-Bone-ish in these parts.  Have you seen Winter's Bone?  You should check it out before you storm the theaters for Catching Fire next week.  Stars JLaw. Takes place in the Ozarks.  

That movie makes Missouri look like the most depressing place in the universe.  

Since I don't expect a snowpack anytime soon, I do expect that you'll be staring at the same dead shrubberies for the next few months.  

Until we move and I find a new deck, anyway.

Happy THREE-DAY weekend!  There are no words to express how happy I am about a THREE-DAY weekend!


  1. This is why I'm not convinced by the arguments of fall-lovers. Here in Michigan, fall means it's freezing cold...and the grass is dead or dying, so are most any other type of plant. Yes, the leaves are pretty, but that's about it. I'm finding myself leaving lights on in the house all day because it's so cloudy and rainy that there's not enough light to see much!

  2. 2 weeks to Catching Fire - trust me I'm counting. Jealous of your 3day weekend. I like that green dress!

  3. Enjoy your three day weekend!!! :)

  4. Green is a fab color for you! And I already bought my tickets to hunger games (shameful I am almost 30) ;)

  5. Love the outfit. It's flurrying furiously here today. I'm not quite ready for that yet, but it IS November after all.

    I'm happy to have a THREE-DAY weekend, too! We had to work 7.5 extra hours between last Tuesday & this Wednesday doing conferences to have Monday off, but it will be worth it! :)

    Now I'm just looking forward to Thanksgiving break. ;)

  6. I will definitely be storming the movie to see Catching Fire!!!

  7. I didn't know anyone else besides me had heard of Winter's Bone. I didn't even know who Jennifer Lawrence was when I watched that movie...

  8. Winter's Bone makes those mountains look terrible, huh? It's all dead and brown where we are right now.


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