November 6, 2013

Stuff and things.

-I've been drinking way too much coffee lately.  I don't know how to fix this.  You see, I'm so tired. And this leaving the house by 7am thing is for the birds (woe is me).  I used to get up at 6 and putter around until leaving at 8:15ish (oh, Alaska, maybe I do miss you).  Now, I have to be out the door by 7ish and I hate it.  The taste of coffee is the only thing that'll get me out of bed.  It's awful, really.

-Scott has it in his head that we need a camper.  I'm not opposed to the idea, because we all know I'm not camping in a tent anytime soon.   However, after I told him I was planning on visiting every Laura Ingalls Wilder museum in the country, this became his reasoning when he presented the camper idea to me: "Well, this will help us go to all those museums.  Pet-friendly hotels are a pain to find and it seems like a lot of those places *you* want to go are in the middle of nowhere."

Well played.

-If you  haven't made your own almond butter yet, you need to.  It's tasty.  I've never actually bought my own, but this is so good that you'll never have to anyway. A giant bag of almonds can cost anywhere between $4 and $8.  2 cups of loose almonds will make about 1 1/2 cups of nut butter.

In a food processor, put 2 cups of almonds and turn it on.  Add a few sprinkles of salt.  Maybe a drizzle of honey.  It takes about 15-20 minutes and, yes, your food processor may get really warm and start to smoke a bit.  It'll all work out, promise.

It tastes better after it sits in the fridge for awhile, so that's where you should keep it.

-I got my Great Pumpkin Swap package in the mail!

Thank you, Karen!  You are so sweet!  (Scott beat me to the Pop Rocks!)

-We started watching Jericho last week.  Scott's friend gave it to him with an "Eh, you might like this".  I made fun of it for the first few episodes.  Like, we hate this show.  But we can't stop watching it.  We're almost done with the first season and it's only been a week.

I think it was ahead of its time.  It's pre-all-the-other-apocalyptic-shows.  I feel it didn't last because, for the first time ever, CBS (America's most boring television network) was ahead of its time.  Let it be known: Jericho was the only amusing show that CBS ever did.  Then they canceled it.  The network should be proud.

Really, it's awful.  You'll hate it.  But maybe you'll be like me and be so intrigued by the fashions of 2006 that you won't be able to turn it off.

-Speaking of fastion...We went to the Rams game in St. Louis on Sunday.  (It was boring, in case you were wondering.)
But what I did notice was the sheer amount of well-dressed people in that city.  I'd never imagined that I'd see so many great boots and coats at an NFL game.  No Crocs in sight.  But I did see a pair of Danskos.  I was sure to point them out to Scott.

-Scott is taking the GRE in a couple of weeks.  Confession: I haven't taken it.  I haven't thought about taking it.  I don't really plan to take it. Two years ago, I didn't even know what it was. Since I don't have immediate plans of a Masters degree, I probably shouldn't worry about it.  ...Right?  I'm not lazy.  I'm just not spending $15,000 on extra education if I don't have to.  That makes sense...right?

Any Stuff or Things to share today?  Was anyone else practically bored to tears by The Walking Dead on Sunday?  I kept waiting for something big to happen.  Nothing did.


  1. I know what you mean by the drinking too much coffee ordeal. I drank it soooo much a few weeks ago that it actually made me sick and I had to go a week without it. Ugh. I can still remember the taste.

    And Scott is a brilliant man. Looks as if you are getting a camper :)

  2. Gotta love it when the guy is smart enough to make it appear as if he only want that camper because it will be of benefit to YOU!

    And I totally believe in not spending extra thousands on education unless you have to.

  3. Definitely a :slowclap: moment for Scott and his camper argument. I am always so amused when J argues something that he wants like it'll benefit me--which he almost always does. I get such a kick out of it!! But he does have a good point--maybe I should bring up the camper idea. It would make visiting the inlaws that much more bearable..."we'll just park the camper in the driveway ole' cousin eddie style!"

    Your pumpkin swap partner hoooooooked you up! I'm so sorry I wasn't able to participate. I had every intention to and then the C word got thrown at me and I panicked. Next time.

    And no. I wouldn't bother taking the GRE. Especially now that teachers with a masters' degree make no more money than teachers WITHOUT a masters' degree. How is that even fair?

  4. Depending on where you go after MO, you'll get plenty of use out of the camper here, especially down in the Ozarks. Tons of great places to camp.

    My Dad was at the Rams game on Sunday - he was so bored he kept texting everyone random stuff. If you thought the people in the crowd were all dressed up, I'm friends with a few of the cheerleaders and boy do they have to try to out do each other in the clothes department.

  5. I definitely fell asleep on Sunday night only about mid-way through The Walking Dead. Agreed, way boring.

  6. chris' dream would be to have a camper! what a fun swap!

  7. I think a camper is a great idea...saves you money in the long run. ;)

  8. OK... I'm convinced... I want to make almond butter now!!!

    WAIT - there are 80's Sharpie's?!?!?!?!?!


    I totally support the camper for Scott's reasons. See the Laura Ingalls sites and bring the dog? Sold.

  10. I WISH giant bags of almonds were only $4-8.00....

  11. That almond butter looks and sounds amazing. I may have to try it sometime. Thanks for the warning about the food processor. ;)

    Looks like you got some awesome stuff for the swap! Are you signing up for Jane's Snowflake Swap??

  12. I concur, spending an extra $15,000 (or $80,000 in my case) is truly not necessary. Everyone has said that MBA will pay for itself but I haven't seen that on my paychecks, ever. I blogged twice this week which is double from my last two months of nonblogging. Hah! Esther Norine Designs

  13. Even the promise of all the Laura Ingalls Wilder places in the entire world would not get me into a camper. *shudder* ;)

    Coffee. I drink way too much. In fact, I want some now, but I also want to sleep tonight. #problems

  14. We watched Jericho. It was alright. Here was my issue with it: The main guy looks A LOT like an ex-boyfriend of mine. I couldn't get past that.


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