November 12, 2013

Gingerbread Truffles & Thanksgiving Dessert

Are you in the mood for Thanksgiving dessert? You'll notice, after looking at the links below, that I don't do pumpkin pie. I've never really liked it.  It's totally awesome if you make it and like it.  Just don't let that be the only dessert at your Thanksgiving table.  Please.  I know there's others out there like me...maybe?

These are my personal favorites...

Pumpkin Cookies
If you only ever get to make one cookie in your entire life, it should be these pumpkin cookies.  They are moist, cakey, and you will not be able to eat just 10.  You will need to eat 11.  So, I warn you: Make them with a purpose in mind.

Lemon Chess Pie
I really liked this pie that I made last year.  I asked Scott the other day, "Do you remember that pie I made last year...the lemon one?" and he said, "Yes", without looking up from his computer screen.
I don't believe him.
But you should make it.  It was good.

Pecan Pie
I might make one of these for Thanksgiving Day this year.  I mean, how could you have Thanksgiving without pecan pie?  I ate 3 slices in 2 days last year.  I, appropriately, ended up with a stomachache.

And for you caramel-lovers...

Caramel Apple Galettes

Caramel Apple Cake

Caramel Brownie Pie

We're having a mini-Thanksgiving celebration on Friday night and I have these waiting in the fridge...

It's a basic cake pop recipe, except I'm using gingerbread instead of your regular boxed cake mix.  You can use a pre-packaged mix, but I used this because I'm a superfan and because the magnet with the recipe is on my fridge.
I also made my own cream cheese frosting (do it).
Just mix together your gingerbread crumbs and frosting until it looks like this:

Then you're ready to roll it into balls.

Freeze them for a few hours.

Melt your almond bark or candy melts. I really think almond bark works best.  It heats the best and gets to be the thinnest.  The thinner the chocolate, the easier this will be.

Dip and sprinkle.

Let them harden.

I dipped the tops (once the white dried) in orange candy melts and then directly into sprinkles.

And there you go!

To keep them fresh, store in the fridge or freezer.

Again, the pumpkin cookies.  Make them.


  1. Drooling.

    I would love to make pecan pie, it's one of my favorites - if only pecans weren't $15 a bag here.

    Do you like sweet potato pie? It tastes similar to pumpkin pie, so I didn't know. I have a killer recipe for it if you ever want to make it.

    Cake pops are too much work for me, so feel free to come visit and make me some.

  2. I don't like pumpkin pie (or apple) either! In fact, I volunteered to bring drinks and a dessert to my family's Thanksgiving this year for that very reason. As a kid, I always hated that there weren't any desserts I liked. (And eating the crust while giving my aunt the apple pie filling didn't quite cut it.)

    I adore pecan pie. Of course, I would be in love with one of the world's most fattening pies. But gosh, they're good. :)

  3. My mom made the BEST pumpkin pie ever. I hope I can figure out what she did to make it.

  4. i have to bring dessert somewhere this weekend - i need to make those cookies! i want to make those gingerbread balls but dipping things in chocolate stresses me out!

  5. I really wish I enjoyed pumpkin anything haha. Just could never get into it. Everything looks good though.

  6. I like pumpkin pie but I get so sick of it when pumpkin is freaking everywhere right now.

    We're usually in charge of bringing dessert to family Thanksgiving. Thanks for all of the alternatives!

  7. Must try those cookies!!!! I had chocolate chip pumpkin cookies once, and they were HEAVENLY!


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