October 1, 2013

The 2nd Annual Great Pumpkin Swap

I did not have a Skirtember link-up posted yesterday because I spent the weekend in Pennsylvania so I could go to my grandmother's funeral.  I handed the last week over to Chantal, so you can go to Scattered Seashells if you're looking to link up.  I hope to share a post by the end of the week.

In the mean time...I had this swap scheduled to begin today and I hope you'll think about joining in on it!

It's REALLY weird being in the pseudo-South this time of year.  I'm so used to being bundled up and snuggled by the fireplace by the end of September.  Things just don't seem right.  There's something to be said for familiarity.  Even if I didn't like being cold in September (and I really didn't like it), at least it was familiar territory.  These days I'm just...confused.

Current forecasts...

I'll let you guess which is Missouri and which...is not.

So while Fall is a different experience this year, the staples of it stay the same.  Candy corn, pumpkin cookies, gloves, boots, scented candles...scarves.  We all love scarves, right?

Last year, I had a lot of fun hosting a Fall swap with AllieI'd been tossing around the thought of doing another one, and when Becky approached me with the idea, I knew I had to.  (I met Becky 4-ish years ago when I was subbing at her school and she was a 1st grade teacher, in case you were interested in the very interesting background information.)

So, welcome!

What:  A fun swap of all things Fall with a blog partner.  You sign up, we give you a partner, you do some shopping, and ship out the package.  
And then,  you'll get a fun package in return! 
Cost should be $15-20 without the shipping.

When: Sign-ups will run from today to Monday, October 7th.  We'll send you your partner's email address by Friday, October 11th, so you can swap contact info (We'll have all the info on a spreadsheet, so if you have questions just let me know!)  Packages need to be mailed out by Friday, October 18th.  We'll link up our reveals on Friday, October 25th!

Fill out this form!

We hope you'll join us!  (Worst case, Becky and I will just send each other packages of goodies.  Win-win.)


  1. I am so excited to participate! I've tried other swaps and they've always gone horribly for me (partner disappeared off the internet, new partner didn't send anything, partner who got my package never replied or posted anything, etc) - so I am hoping this one goes better!


  2. I am really excited for this! I participated last year and had a great time. :)

  3. How fun! I haven't done one in awhile, what a great start :)

  4. I think your background information on me is totally interesting. ;)

    You know, I didn't think of it, but you are absolutely right. At the very least, we can exchange packages. I'm pretty sure that won't be happening, though!


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