October 29, 2013

Stuff and things

-Scott went on a hunting trip last week. When Scott's away, I will eat a quesadilla for dinner every night.  4 nights in a row.  I don't ever want to see one again.  Until maybe next week.

-I will also go to the gym every night.  Without a husband or puppy, it's just me, myself, and my computer I.  Might as well do something useful.

-This is so random, but just a few weeks ago, I realized that "North West" is Kimye's baby's full name.  I thought they named her "Northwest", because that's how low Kanye flies on my radar.  I hadn't connected that "West" was his last name.

-I'm a little too chicken to watch American Horror Story by myself.  Even during the day, that witch stuff is too freaky.  As is the "sewing-body-parts-back-on".

-I about lost my cool last week.  Someone posted on Facebook that they were PCS-ing to Alaska soon and "what should I bring?".  They mentioned that they had enough clothes to last their growing children for a couple of years.  Um.  Hello? It may be a horror story, weather-wise, and there may be no Marshall's or Homegoods, but dang..  I lived 2 miles from Target (in case you've forgotten...I'm telling you again).  Do you need warm clothes?  Heck yes.  Can you buy them when you get there?  Uh, yeah.  Weirdo.  It's not a vacation.  You're moving there.  You'll have that magical thing called an "address" that websites like "Amazon.com" can "ship" to.

Too sarcastic?  Maybe.

I don't know if I'll ever completely readjust to being a lower-48-er. I'm coming to terms with this.

-I found this picture on my computer and almost started to cry.  What has happened to my baby?

Dare I even show you this next one?

...that makes me want another one.  Don't tell Scott.  
He's not-so-patiently waiting for me to give him permission.

But then again, there is nothing better than a house-trained dog.  Nothing.

Even if he does sit like a person.


  1. I think a lot of us non-alaskans do tend to view alaska as some sort of ice and snow-covered wilderness. Not entirely accurate but it does seem to me that it's much colder that Michigan, and Michigan is already far too cold for my tastes, so I have no intention of ever going there.

  2. Every time Scout shows up on my Instagram feed, I show his picture to Micah, and he immediately reminds me how bad he wants a Brittany. That dog is so darned cute...

  3. I think my perception of Alaska came from the Ryan Reynolds movie The Proposal but then again one day I hope to visit to conquer all 50 states so I'll just see whenever I get there.

    ...and there's nothing wrong with quesadillas, they yummy, easy and you can change them up so many ways :)

  4. Dawwwwww Scout!!! What a cutie!! That's hysterical that those people think Alaska is worse than Siberia haha.

  5. So many people don't realize that just because it's cold in Alaska doesn't mean it feels as cold as it is. I would rather be in zero degree weather in Alaska then 30 degree weather in Washington. The humid cold is so much worse!

    I also like messing with people who think Alaska is all wilderness by throwing in something about Polar Bears, Penguins and taking sled dogs to school/work. You wouldn't believe how many people believe that Penguins live in Alaska and don't realize that yes, there are in fact real stores and stuff. It's almost too easy ;)
    And we wonder why people don't like us Alaskans................

    btw...your inner dialouge and the use of "lower 48-er" pretty much makes you one of us.

  6. I love everything about this post. The North West thing still gets me. I mean...what the what? And your rant about the things called stores in Alaska? I DIE!!!! Too funny. People freak out way too much about being isolated. You probably had more civilization there in Alaska than I do here in BC (at least in a close radius). I mean I get that things are more expensive because of getting them there, but they aren't NON EXISTENT! You should have responded with "be sure to stock up on canned foods. It'd be a shame for you to run out of food while you're there." Lol.

    And your puppy. I just can't even. J wants a puppy SO dang badly. I think the cat and the dog are enough. So every time he asks I say "okay, fine, then we have to have a baby too" (something neither of us really want right now). That shuts him up pretty fast. But your puppy makes me want one. Shh. Don't tell J.

  7. Puppy Scout! I get the same way with old pictures of Casey, even though he was 1 or 2 when we got him and essentially looks the same.

  8. Your comments about the people moving to Alaska just cracked me up. Do people not realize that when they move they'll actually be there for at least a couple of years?? I'm SURE they'll be able to get what they need while there. Hopefully they figure it out :)

    And seriously, Scout KILLS me with those puppy eyes. He's getting so big!

  9. Cutest dog ever!

    I've been buying up clothes like crazy for our move to Korea. In my defense, the closest Target is like a 10 hour flight away... ;)

  10. "You'll have that magical thing called an "address" that websites like "Amazon.com" can "ship" to." ahahahaha! Scout's photos look all professional and adorable. :)

  11. I can't believe how big Scout is getting! I think another puppy is good. :)

  12. Scout would love a friend. They do better in a pack! I'm no help.

    I love quesadillas. I will eat the same thing many nights in a row.

  13. Scout is so. freaking. cute! Puppy sized AND grown up sized!

  14. So one of the posting options for my husband is actually in Elmendorf Alaska and a friend of mine told me she would DIE if they got posted there because it would be so cold and isolated... we WANT that posting lol. Actually, we just want any out of Canada posting lol. It's not like you can't shop in Alaska. Paul's going away for 3 weeks in November and I'm so excited to eat breakfast for dinner every night and it's great because my 2 year old loves pancakes and waffles :)

  15. that puppy is so cute! I just watched keeping up with the kardashians when her baby is born and she says she wanted to just name her north. no last name. they are so strange.

  16. Aww, Scout. :) He's adorable.

    Your sarcasm about PSC'ing made me laugh. You're right. It's a move, not a vacation. Bring your stuff. lol


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