September 17, 2013


This post is for Angi.  She really likes it when bloggers go into very specific detail about their weekends. She'll appreciate whatever elements of satire are included in this post. (By "likes it", I mean "hates it".)

Things started off rather excitedly with some Mexican food, a margarita, and a 9pm bedtime on Friday night.

Saturday morning, the dishwasher repairman came over, so I had to be up and ready to go by 8:00am. 

I spent the morning grading papers.

I was inspecting the dishwasher after its repair, right when it shut off, and I burned my fingers on the heating element.

In the afternoon, I went for a pedicure with a couple of friends.  Two friends who I've been spending a lot of time with are named Kayla and Kristin.  Kayla's husband has coined us "K-cubed"...which we've agreed is better than "KKK".  I met them at a meet-and-greet a couple of months ago.  For anyone who thinks that meet-and-greet/army wife gatherings don't introduce you to people, you're totally wrong.  (If I can make friends that way, you can too! )  Anyway, this other Kristin teaches 2nd grade too.  How weird is that?

I did some clearance rack shopping at JCPenney's (buying no skirts of course...such a fail that was) and enjoyed a dinner of stir-fry and candy corn.

I picked out all the chocolate candy corn.  Yuck.  I'm a candy corn purist.

There was a Red's Strawberry Ale too.

I'd go into Sunday, but it wasn't very exciting.  I don't really remember it either.  I'm pretty sure there was more candy corn though.

You guys are going to get really sick of looking at this skirt (note: this is what a teacher's wrinkled skirt looks like at the end of the day). The shirt is from Target.  I love it.

Finally, this little guy turned four months old on Friday!
Let's end with that.  


  1. Chocolate candy corn really shouldn't exist.

  2. Candy corn in GENERAL shouldn't exist... ;)

    AND yes. Weekend updates are SO EXCITING. ;)

    Actually yours wasn't too bad. At least it wasn't 10,000 words long with details about every waking moment that nobody cares about.

  3. I had no idea there was such a thing as chocolate Candy Corn... maybe we lead sheltered lives up here in Canada lol.

  4. He's not so little any more! Scout is growing SO fast!

    Also, I thought your should know that I read the "stir fry and candy corn" as "candy corn stir fry." now THAT would be really worth a full post about!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  5. And just think of all the fun search terms you're gonna get now that you included "KKK" and "burned" in the same post. ;)

  6. So crazy that you met another Kristin who teaches 2nd grade!

    I don't like chocolate candy corn either. Original all day long!

    I am a big fan of Redd's Apple Ale, but haven't tried the is it??

  7. I don't think I'll get sick of that skirt. As long as people don't get sick of me wearing my white skirt all the time! And your dog is cute and I wanna cuddle him.

  8. I love that you've found a friend named Kristin (spelled like yours) who teaches the same grade as you. :) Two of my best friends are also Rebeccas. We all teach. (Though, they are elementary music teachers.)

    I also agree that K-cubed is better than KKK.

  9. Pretty pumped that K-cubed AND my perfect picture of Scout after our walk in the rain together both made the kNook!


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