August 26, 2013

T.V. Talk *Spoilers ahead*

True Blood
Season 6 is over.  Blah.  The only good thing about this is that I can stop looking at Anna Paquin's perfect abs and I can cancel HBO.  I don't think I'll need it again until Game of Thrones comes back.

So what did you think of this?  It seemed a little too "simple".

Remember how half a season was devoted to killing off Godric?  I thought something like that would happen with Eric.  For what it's worth, Scott thinks he's not dead.  Something about "we saw him burn, we didn't see him crumble", or dissipate, or whatever.  I had heard a rumor that this was coming...I guess I won't believe it until next season.  Articles I've read online (because I've got the time on my hands to do so) say he'll be back for Season 7. Thoughts?

This is where it started to get weird for me.

We think Lettie Mae is infected, therefore Tara is a goner (not the worst thing, right?).

And I think the hats are pushing the southern charm a bit too far.  We haven't seen these people in church since Season they're in their Sunday best?  Well, I guess it was 6 months later.  I don't know.  By the end of the episode, I was rooting for Bill.  Also, something I haven't done since the first season.  Not sure how I feel about "Sookcide".

This was a little reminiscent of The Walking Dead, don't you think?

This season is getting goooooood.  I'm impressed.  All that Dr. Vogel stuff was forcing me away from the t.v.  Scott and I love Hannah.  We were so darn excited to see her again.

Thoughts on Dexter?  For me, the season started slow.  Now that the Zack kid is gone...and Dr. Vogel's evilness is showing through...maybe we can get back to the greatness that was last season.  Go out with a bang and all that.

Breaking Bad
I was able to spend an hour on the elliptical the other day because I watched an episode of Breaking Bad on my phone.  I'm re-watching it from the beginning, you know, just for kicks.
This show is more complex than any I've ever watched.  I mean, did you read these theories on how the show could end?  It's a lot like Mad Men, in that there seems to be hidden meaning everywhere.

We chuckled the whole way through Walt's confession tape last night.  You are brilliant, Heisenberg.

And Jesse narrowly missed a brush with Alaska.  Whew.  Walt's world is about to implode.  I knew it'd only be a matter of time before Jesse found something out.  I'm really waiting for him to find out about Jane.

Also, we're watching The White Queen on Starz.  Have you seen it yet?  It's like Game of Thrones meets The Tudors (which I still haven't made my way through yet...).  I really like it.  Scott thinks it's a poor-man's-GoT.

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  1. I had to stop reading! As soon as you got to Dex... I scrolled past really quick... I didn't watch last nights episode because of the awards. Thank god for DVR!

  2. My sister said the same thing as Scott about Eric! I'm really curious.

  3. I feel like I watch a ton of TV & I don't watch any of these... which tells me I need to pick my up TV watching abilities! :)

  4. We don't have cable and I'm sometimes sad about it but then other times I'm happy about it because I can't get wrapped up on other shows. However it was more fun to watch my twitter feed and fb friends post statuses about the VMAs than actually watching it :)

  5. I dropped True Blood last year. I was over it. I hate Tara though so would support her dying off even if I'm not watching it!

  6. I keep meaning to watch The White Queen but I know I won't keep up with it so I haven't bothered. As for Dex, the season did start slow, and now I see why, but seriously, there's just so much going on I can't take it. I don't trust Vogel at all and Dex is pissing me off with his Hannah issues. I like her for him but I see no good coming of it. Hoping though.

  7. I haven't seen last nights Breaking Bad yet. This season is pretty good though!

  8. Last night's BB was beyond words... The confession was too good and Jesse after Walt is awesome! I had to skip the Dexter part because I haven't watched this season yet, but I hope they do a good job wrapping up the series!

  9. i am loving dexter! although I was disappointed that one boy died in last weeks episode. we still have to watch last nights! and we need to catch up on breaking bad!

  10. TV... we're watching a terrible show on Netflix called Revolution. Heard of it? It's not too terrible, so good enough that we can finish it... but we make fun of it the entire time.

  11. I'm counting on The White Queen being released on Netflix like The Tudors was. I'm not willing to pay for Starz to watch it, but I REALLY do want to see it. I read that book by Philippa good!

  12. I am glad TB is over and it looks like next season is back to the basics with good vs bad vampires. THis season was just a little too much for me. I dont think Eric is dead, Pam had to have gotten to him and Willa would have known if he really died, right? Tara is totally a goner. And I rooted for Sookie?alcide in season whateveritwas but found that kind of hurried unbelievable here too. But I am glad he is nice again. I hope next year is better!

  13. Yeah, I kinda think we'll be seeing Eric again.


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