August 17, 2013

Blog sale!

1. If you want something, write it in the comment section along with "sold".  
2. I'll contact you with Paypal information and we'll go from there.  
3. Add $4 onto the price for shipping.  
4.  Once I send you the total, and once you pay via Paypal, I'll have your item in the mail within 48 hours. 

If you'd like another picture or more details, just email me:
If you want more than one item, we can discuss shipping.  

Old Navy Wedges, worn once, size 9 (I usually wear an 8 or 8 1/2; these run small): $15

Croft/Barrow flats (thick heel, very sturdy!), never worn, size 8 1/2: $15
(I want to love these..perfect for fall, but they hurt my feet.)

AE flip-flops, worn once or twice, size 8: $12

Black boots, worn a few times, size 8 1/2: $20

AE sandals, size 8, worn twice: $12

AE flip-flops, size 8, worn a few times: $8

Large silver clutch, used once: $15

Assorted jewelry: $10 for all

T-shirts, all size medium: $5 each or 2-for-$8

Dress shirts, size small: $10 each or 2-for-$15

Aerie skinny pants, size 8 (they run small): $12 

Merona swim top, new with tags, size small but runs large (it's too big for me): $4

Target Merona dress, size x-small but runs large, tags still on: $10

Target Mossimo dress, size medium: $5  Sold

Black shirt (medium) plus shell (small): $12

Sweater, size large: $10

LOFT plaid skirt, size 2 petite (I will iron it!): $10
Gap (blue) skirt, size 4: $12

Mossimo cardigan, size medium: $8

Shirt with belt, size medium: $12

Long sleeve tees, $7 each, both size medium (purple one fits small, seen here)

Plaid shirt, size medium: $10 (seen here) Sold

Sun dress, juniors' size medium: $10 

If you want more details let me know!


  1. If only I didn't have hugely absurdly large feet I'd buy all the shoes.... :)

  2. Gah I wish the skinny jeans were my size!! I want coral skinnies :(

  3. I want the Target Mossimo dress and the plaid shirt!!

    So...SOLD!! :)

  4. Hey, not too bad, you're already successfully selling stuff! I would so buy the swimsuit top--I'm all about a nice cheap swimsuit, but I'm pretty sure if it's too big for you it would be too big for me too. :(


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