July 24, 2013

Whatever Wednesday, errr, Thursday

I couldn't get my act together in time for Wednesday morning.  Isn't that sad?

It's been a weird week.  And I never really get dressed anymore because it's summertime.  I bought new wedges at Marshall's on Sunday and I wanted to wear them.  And I wanted to wear shorts too.  And when I put them together, it just didn't quite work.

Shorts: Express (Marshall's) // Shirt: AE (old) // Wedges: Sotto Sopra (Marshall's)

But then I decided I looked a little too Nancy Botwin-ish and opted for TOMS instead.

Do you wear wedges with shorts? I didn't feel like Bermudas today...that probably would've worked.


I'm loving these mini-wines.  Yes, I was drawn into a giant bin of mini-wines near the check-out lines. They're so cute.  It couldn't be helped.

I can't get over how much I enjoy this cup I won in Micah's giveaway.  Thank you, Micah!  I use it everyday.

I eat more trail mix than any respectable human being should.  I go through two of the big tropical bags from Wal-Mart every week.  I found this awesomeness at Target over the weekend and now it's my drug of choice.

My new pillows are making me ridiculously happy.  It's the little things...

Bird pillow and paisley pillows from Marshall's

That is NOT a dog on my bed.  


  1. I always swore my dogs would never go on my bed either...and then they just give me the cutest face ever!! :)

  2. My husband was totally against having Casey in the bed in the beginning, and now he's in it more than we are. Scout looks like he belongs there. I laughed at your Nancy Botwin comparison, I don't wear shorts enough to know appropriate foot ware matches, I think it looks cute though!

  3. Scout looks like he is in troubleeeee! ;) I love your nail polish choices, also!

  4. but he's so cute! He looks very at home up there, too :D


  5. Contrary to popular belief, I'm pretty sure that IS a dog on your bed. :)

  6. So glad you love that tumbler. :)

    And I love those pillows!!!

  7. I have that cup! It matched my previous blog design. And how can you kick that cutie out of bed?

  8. I love straw cups like that, they are my favorite.

  9. Scout's face in the last picture is precious!

  10. Ok, she is just the cutest little puppy ever! I've worn wedges with shorts and it's alright I guess. I prefer my flips though.

  11. That bird pillow is amazing and I can NOT get over how adorable Scout is. I'm dying to get a puppy, but I think I'll wait and have a kid first ;)

  12. I love buying new throw pillows. As we were unpacking, KEv gave me a hard time about how many I had, but I switch them out all the time and reminded him that it was a lot cheaper than buying a new couch everytime I get bored!

  13. Those are very cute pillows! And I actually think the wedges and shorts looks great together, but it's true they make your legs look really long. I guess it depends on if that's a good thing to you or not...


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