July 11, 2013

Fitness lately

I haven't done a fitness post in awhile.  I'm just neurotic enough to keep a calendar on my fridge.  It makes me feel productive.  I circle each class I'm willing to do and, when I actually complete it, I highlight it.  (Side note: I may have some control freak tendencies.)

This is what I've been up to lately..

Monday: SWAT (which is, essentially, Body Blast)
Tuesday: Either Turbokick OR Spin.  They are at the same time so I have to choose.  I like Turbokick better obviously, but I love the Spin instructor and the people in her class.  It's a tough call every week.  I don't know anyone at the Turbokick class (it's off base).  Then, later in the day, there is Cardio and Core, which is so tough that 45 minutes is enough to put me on the couch for the rest of the day.  Once in a blue moon, I've done this class after a morning one, but that doesn't happen often*.
Wednesday: SWAT circuit training.  This is a tough one.  Rumor has it that your muscles work the hardest while circuit training, therefore you burn calories for the rest of the day and your metabolism is boosted.  Much better than regular cardio.
Thursday:  Spin (same instructor/group as Tuesday, so it's bearable) or HIIT.  I doubt I could do both, even though they're at different times, so it's possible. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) takes a lot out of you.
Friday: SWAT
Saturday: SWAT

*A few weeks ago, I had terrible stomach pains. Scott asked when it started and I said, "Well, right after the second class I took today..." and he just looked at me.  That was the last Cardio and Core I attempted.

S.W.A.T stands for something...Strength, Weights, Agility?, ...uhh..I'm not really sure.  But I can do it multiple times a week because there's two different instructors and they strive to make each class different.

These classes are all in the morning.  I like them because I've met many wonderful army wives.  There's always someone to talk to...a completely different experience than I had in Alaska.  I went to the same Turbokick class on base there for a year and made, maybe, one friend. Wives here, I've noticed, are much friendlier at the gym.

What's missing is a Pilates, stretching, or, heaven forbid, a yoga class.  I haven't done one of those since April.  These people take their cardio seriously and don't "waste" time elsewhere. (One of my favorite instructors is running a 50K this weekend...)  I hear a yoga class may be starting up soon, so I might do that in the evening this fall.  Maybe.

I haven't made a dessert in weeks.  I don't have the urge.  Maybe because it's so hot out? I just don't crave sugar anymore.  It's an odd experience.

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  1. Will you please please please try aqua zumba and let me know how it is? The college pool in town has it but I am a big scare-d-cat and haven't tried it yet.

  2. I wish I could get into taking classes, just never been my thing. Good job though!

  3. I made some great friends as workout classes when we were at Fort Benning. The only problem is that the classes are in the mornings, so when I'm working, I can't go. Also, you are right - yoga is missing from that schedule. YOU should become the yoga instructor! Maybe that can be your new job :)

  4. Circuit training is my new favorite, I feel like it makes the workout go by faster and I love watching those calories add up!

    You haven't made dessert? What's wrong with you? :) Kidding! I love baking it's like my therapy I try to do at least some every week but it's been rough with the hottest summer EVER.

    Glad to hear you're making new friends :)

  5. I'm glad you've finally made some friends!!

  6. Wait, you're not craving sugar?!? Are you sure you're ok?? ;) :)

    Scott & I have on,y four workouts left to finish Insanity. We're faking at finishing. lol. I want to finish because I want to start over. But the beginning will still be hard since we've been lazy for so long!

  7. I need to get back into working out. When I hurt my foot a couple months ago I just kind of stopped! Now I feel weak.

  8. i'm so ready to work out again! when i trained for the marathon I had to cross off each training day. i would run even if I felt so sick because i couldn't handle not crossing it off and have a day missing. crazy right there with you :)

  9. I wish my gym had classes! I go to Planet Fitness because its near work and its cheap but they have no classes. :( My body is killing me after getting back there yesterday...let's see how the rest of it goes. :)


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