June 18, 2013


The Pulaski Regional County Fair.

I couldn't make this up if I tried.

At least it was free.

Unimpressed with the "fair", a friend and I went to the local cupcakery.

Sassy Sweets Cake Boutique.

The owners/employees were so nice, and the cupcakes were delicious; heavy-sugar frosting and moist cake.

On Saturday, Scott and I went to Springfield.  It's 90 minutes south-ish.  I went to Marshall's, which was refreshing, so I can see this becoming a once a month trip.  Springfield has pretty much all the shopping you could want, but it's just kind of far.  However,  it rained. A lot.

I really know how to pick a place to go, right? But it rained everywhere on Saturday, at least a little bit, and spending the day doing nothing at home would've been boring.

We went to a haunted castle.  I found this tourist attraction on TripAdvisor, and you can go here to look up the history of the Pythian Castle. 

The building next door where they kept WWII POWs. Really.  
You can read the history within that link up there.

"Haunted" tunnel in the basement leading to the building next door.

POW cell.  Complete with very accommodating air holes.

They let the POWs paint on the cell walls.

Can you spot the green orbs?  Totally a reflection of the lightbulbs, right?

Though, those were the interrogation rooms back in the day, so it'd make sense for them to be haunted.

I kept taking pictures of myself in random mirrors, hoping to see something pop up in the background of the picture.  No luck.  The bathroom was particularly creepy.

We also went to Bass Pro Shop (the flagship store).

And I thought the moose in Alaska were scary. 

(Those are random people. The line for photos was kinda long.)

Anyway, on Sunday night we went to a friend's house for dinner.  I wasn't necessarily pleased with this arrangment, because I was planning on having a True Blood premiere party.  The only problem being that I don't have any friends here who watch True Blood (in fact, I might be the only person I know in real life who does watch it...which is a crying shame). So it wouldn't be a party as much as just me, sitting on the couch, answering the millions of questions Scott would undoubtedly ask during the show.  But a good night, nonetheless, right?

It came down to...
Scott: So you'd rather watch t.v. than go out and socialize?
Me: I don't understand the question.  
Scott: We can watch it when we get home.
Me: It's not the same.

So, we went. I legitimately like the people we hang out with here.  I really, really do and don't want there to be confusion about that.  However, I sat at a table with 7 other people who are all in the Army (wives included) and listened to them talk about the army for 3 hours.  Then, the 6-month-old baby went to bed and I officially had nothing in common with anyone else at the table.  

However, onto the important stuff:
True Blood was good.  I think it's going to be an action-packed season.  SPOILER: My heart broke just a little bit when Sookie rescinded Eric's invitation.  le sigh.

And Sally Draper is smarter than I gave her credit for.  Betty, deservingly, is going to have her hands full.


  1. Wow. That fair looks like the best fair ever! Don't worry... ours is the same way.

    How dare you post photos of gorgeous cupcakes! You know my obsession for those things right! I am SO jealous that they have a cupcakery there! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sucks for that guy in the red shirt.. the water is about to go into his nice Acura. I recognize that rain very well! Living in FL we see this kinda crap on the daily!!

    Dude. That haunted mansion? I would've had a heart attack in there. BTW... the elephant wallpaper in that bathroom... that's uncomfortable. And the orbs.. hell no. I'd leave.

    Totally related to your story... but I was out one day (years ago) with my cousin in a cemetery taking photos trying to see if we could get any "orbs" or anything else... well, we got nothing. Until I started talking a bunch of shit saying "theres no ghosts here! See! Look! FUCKING NOTHING! And I started snapping behind me (it was dark by the way) and my cousin was video recording while I snapped photos. While I snapped, there was nothing in the photos and when I talked shit.. BOOM... tons of orbs. We looked at the photo and started screaming and ran to the car.

    Moral of my story? Those orbs are real ghosts. I believe you. Yes I do. Oh, and never talk shit in a cemetery.....

    Last thing and I swear this long comment is over...

    I would much rather be at home with snacks and TV than hanging out with people. Bill wants to start hanging out with his friends and I am all "go man! GOOOOOOOOO!"

  2. Oh have I got a story about that Bass Pro store. Years ago when we had gone down there when we were kids, I decided I wanted to play with the motorized boats they use to sell. Well I didn't realize my parents had walked away and I stayed and played. Needless to say I was one of those names called over the loud speaker cause I had lost my parents...or they had lost me! I remember that all the time.

    Also try to get to the MO State Fair that's held every year in Sedalia. We go, I'm not sure what day we are going to go this year but its a blast. Its always in August.

  3. that fair is pretty funny. good thing you went and found cupcakes! and my husband and sister in law watch true blood!

  4. I just caught up with True Blood last night. I was sad to see Sookie do that, too- it looks like it's going to be a good season, though.
    Also, I love haunted places. They are so interesting. There's a light house about 45 minutes away that is supposed to be haunted. I can't wait to visit it, but children aren't allowed so we'll have to find a sitter.

  5. "Raises Hand" - True Blood fan here, too! I just wish that it followed the books a little more. My husband spends half of the episode asking "is that in the book?" And I spend most of the asking saying "no."

  6. Am I the only one who would watch a Sally Draper at boarding school spin-off? I was glad to see Glen lost most of his creepiness, but it would've been awesome if they got drunk and he told her about the time he walked in on her mom on the toilet, and how she gave him a lock of her hair.

  7. Sounds like a great weekend! I really liked reading about your adventure to the haunted castle. (Mostly for the historical value.) AND your story about the conversation with Scott made me laugh. I also feel less guilty about monopolizing the conversation with teaching things when you visited. It wasn't 3 hours. So I'm pretty sure he still owes you. ;)

  8. That castle looks seriously awesome!!! I always wanted to visit Springfield when I lived in Oklahoma, I had several friends who were from there, but I never got the chance to go. Perhaps next time I'm down there... ;)

  9. Sometimes I'd just rather stay home.

    I think True Blood jumped the shark last year. I might be out for this season.

  10. Looks like a fun roadtrip (minus the rain). That Pythian Castle looks really interesting!

  11. Hahahah. That fair is awesome.

  12. Well it sounds like you guys have been taking your opportunities to explore your new home! I don't think I would like living far away from shopping opportunities, at all.

    And eating with people who all share an interest in something that you don't is not terribly fun. When I've gone out for dinner with Angel's coworkers--it's like listening to the grossest stories possible while eating. That's why last time they got together I skipped. :P

  13. Did you guys live in MO before you were in AK? I'm glad that you are getting out there and exploring. I totally would have a True Blood viewing party with you if we were in the same time zone.

  14. I'm sorry the fair was a bust, but those cupcakes look amazing! And Marshall's is my hands down favorite store. It's not exactly expensive and you can get the cutest stuff there!

    I'm in need of a new show, so I was planning on True Blood, but it's not on Netflix Instant Watch, so I guess that's out! Any suggestions?
    The moose is terrifying. More so than the creepy ones at the army base in AK.


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